On the 7th, the Tokyo stock market and the Nikkei Stock Average showed small price movements.

▽The closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average on the 7th was 27,685.47 yen, 8.18 yen lower than on the 6th.

▽The Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics rose 4.18 to 1983.40.

▽The daily trading volume was 1,126.51 million shares. bottom.

The reason for the small price movement is that the market is not sure how long the Fed expects the US record inflation to last and how long it will continue to raise interest rates.

Last week, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell signaled that the pace of inflation was slowing, creating optimism in the market.

However, the US employment statistics released later showed that the unemployment rate had fallen to the lowest level in 53 years.

The next thing the market will pay attention to is the interview with Chairman Powell scheduled for early morning on the 8th in Japan time.

Market players are trying to find clues as to when the rate hike will stop from that statement.