[Explanation] February 6th, the 16th day of the first lunar month is the peak period for the return journey.

Compared with the return journey during the Spring Festival in previous years, the new energy vehicle drivers who are busy on the G93 Yusui Expressway have a different feeling.

Next to the Tongliang North Interchange of this expressway, an electric vehicle charging station integrates photovoltaic power generation, electric energy storage, vehicle charging, battery testing and automatic battery replacement services. Clean electric energy promotes "travel carbon reduction" and helps new energy vehicle owners bid farewell to "charging anxiety".

  [Explanation] Walking into this "light-storage charging, inspection and replacement" integrated comprehensive station, I saw a total of 12 DC charging piles in the charging area, which can charge 24 vehicles at the same time.

The hall is equipped with a large display screen, and the car owner can know the charging progress of the vehicle in real time while taking a full rest.

During the Spring Festival, the station serves nearly 200 new energy vehicles per day.

  [Same period] Owners of new energy vehicles

  If you want to continue to work, just fill up the battery here, and go back when it is full.

When charging, it will display a charging port. After charging, it will jump out of the window and remind you to draw the gun.

  [Explanation] At the battery swap station next to the charging pile, heavy-duty trucks are swapping batteries.

Through the intelligent recognition of the license plate, after the car enters the battery exchange station, the intelligent battery exchange robot will replace the battery after a few operations, saving the car owner from the trouble of time-consuming charging.

  [Concurrent] Tang Xuesong, General Manager of State Grid Tongliang Power Supply Company

  If you want to charge more quickly, we also have a battery replacement area. Our battery replacement time only takes 5-6 minutes, which is the same as the traditional oil that we usually go to the gas station to refill (refuel). The car time is about the same.

  [Explanation] Relying on functional modules such as photovoltaics, energy storage, charging, detection, and battery replacement, this integrated comprehensive station can realize "priority consumption of photovoltaics, surplus storage in energy storage, Internet access after full, energy storage night charging and daily discharge ".

  [Concurrent] Tang Xuesong, General Manager of State Grid Tongliang Power Supply Company

  With a photovoltaic area of ​​400 kilowatts, we can generate up to 3,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which can meet the charging of 60 (vehicles) new energy vehicles per day.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company has invested in the construction of 139 charging stations and 572 fixed charging piles in the Chongqing expressway service area, covering more than 90% of the expressway service area in Chongqing, effectively meeting the needs of new energy vehicles. Demand, to help the development of new energy vehicle industry.

  Reporter Jia Nan and Zhou Yi report from Chongqing

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]