“I think that Poland is acting as a lobbyist for US interests.

For many years they have been positioning themselves as the main ally of the United States in Europe and through them they have been promoting the interests of American business.

Therefore, they propose to change the “dependence” on Russian gas and oil to dependence on American gas, oil and coal,” the analyst believes.

He noted that under the emotional statements there is an economic calculation.

“It is necessary to promote the interests of American companies, and in return Poland will receive political bonuses: the status of the main ally of the United States in Europe, so that they do not rely on Germany, but on them,” Yushkov specified.

According to him, Poland also expects with the help of the Americans to resolve the issue of war reparations with Germany, as well as "to develop industry, receive subsidies."

Earlier, Morawiecki said that Europe is extremely dependent on Russian fuel because of its weakness.

On February 1, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the European Union had completely got rid of dependence on Russian fossil fuels.