According to the analyst, the question of pricing fairness is absolutely correct.

He also noted that the data of Western agencies, on which quotes were previously based, "are now irrelevant." 

“Now their data is calculated - they are trying to monitor the cost of oil in Russian ports and roughly estimate how much it would cost if it reached Europe, but what is the meaning of these indicators is completely unclear, and there is no certainty that these Western agencies are correct. consider,” the expert explained.

Yushkov does not exclude the possibility that Rosneft may come up with a proposal to create a new price indicator for the largest sellers and buyers. 

“Igor Ivanovich says that we will not fulfill the price ceiling, we will not be guided by it, and we will form the price based on who is ready, and in what volumes, to purchase Russian oil, and how much Russia is ready to supply.

That is, due to the real balance of supply and demand, ”concluded the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, during his speech at India Energy Week, said that the prices for Russian oil will be formed on the real directions of deliveries.