Ahead of the expansion of NISA, a preferential tax system for individual investors from January next year, companies are splitting their stocks to lower the price per share, making it easier to buy stocks. are one after another.

Among them, the major chemical manufacturer "Shin-Etsu Chemical" plans to split its shares for the first time in 27 years on April 1, and will split 1 share so far into 5 shares.

Stocks of this listed company can be purchased from 100 shares, and at present, funds of 1.9 million yen or more are required, and the "general NISA" system, which has a maximum annual purchase amount of 1.2 million yen, cannot be used.

If the stock is split, it is expected to be able to buy it for 400,000 yen or less, so you will be able to invest tax-free using the system.

Shinji Fukui, head of public relations at Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., said, "Right now, the ratio of individual investors is 4% to 5%, but in light of the expansion of NISA, we decided to split the stock in anticipation of an increase in the number of individual investors." I'm talking to

In addition, Oriental Land, which operates Tokyo Disneyland, has announced that it will split its shares for the first time in eight years.