Calbee, a major confectionery maker, has announced that it will raise the price of some products such as its main snacks from June this year.

Of these, potato chips will be the third price increase since last year.

A total of 84 items, including the main products "Potato Chips Usushio Flavor" and "Kappa Ebisen," will be subject to the price increase this time, and the rate of increase is expected to be about 3% to 15% at the store's assumed price.

In addition, three items such as "Pizza Potato" will be "substantial price increase" to reduce the content.

These price increases and actual price increases will be carried out sequentially from the delivery date of June 1st.

Many of the target products such as potato chips have already been raised twice last year, and this is the third price increase since last year.

Calbee said, ``It is difficult to absorb the increase in energy and raw material prices through self-help efforts alone, so we will revise our prices in order to maintain and improve quality and service.''