A diplomatic meeting in Paris to find a way out of the political crisis in Lebanon

Image taken from the documentary “Hezbollah the forbidden investigation”.

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Added to the economic wreckage of Lebanon is a political crisis which worsened further on October 31 with the end of the presidential mandate.

The Beirut Parliament fails to elect a president to succeed Michel Aoun.


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The situation is sufficiently worrying that several countries have decided to hold a meeting on this subject in Paris on Monday.

France, United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt... No ministers but a meeting of diplomats this Monday in Paris.

Objective: " 

to encourage the Lebanese political class to assume its responsibilities and promote a way out of the crisis 

", in the words of French diplomacy.

The institutional void in Lebanon is worrying.

This was one of the topics of discussion during the visit of French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna to several Gulf countries in recent days.

Paris pleads for Saudi Arabia to become more involved in Lebanon.

But how to unblock the situation without another key regional actor, Iran, sponsor of Hezbollah?

The latter is both a powerful Lebanese political party and a heavily armed militia.

Officially, he does not support any candidate but his parliamentary weight allows him to block any candidacy that does not suit him.

In the meantime, this political deadlock - almost permanent for nearly twenty years in the land of the Cedars - is driving Lebanon and its people ever deeper into economic and monetary crisis.


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