Carrefour was exposed that some shelves were out of stock and vacant!

Shopping card consumption is limited!

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  Recently, in many places across the country, Carrefour supermarkets have been exposed to restrictions on shopping card consumption, and some shelves are empty. So, what is the situation in Carrefour supermarkets?

Yesterday (4th), the reporter visited a store in Beijing.

Beijing: Some Carrefour supermarkets are out of stock

Shopping card spending is limited

  On the afternoon of the 4th, at the Shuangjing store of Beijing Carrefour Supermarket, the reporter saw that there were serious shortages in areas such as frozen cooked food, vegetables and fruits, and fresh meat.

On the bread shelf, and some low-temperature refrigerators, there is no supply of goods.

  The reporter also found in the supermarket that many shelves were filled with a large number of packaging boxes, but there were no products in the boxes.

In front of many shelves of snacks, beverages, convenience foods, imported products, etc., there are signs that "shopping cards cannot be used for this product". Only some high-end drinks, room temperature milk and other products are marked as payment with shopping cards.

  In the supermarket, on the label marked "shopping cards cannot be used", the reporter saw an explanation for the restriction on shopping card checkout: "the shopping card system is being upgraded, and shopping card settlement is not supported for the time being, and other payment methods can be purchased normally."

In this regard, many consumers expressed concern and dissatisfaction at the supermarket checkout counter.

  Consumers: Shopping cards can also be used for cheap ones, but very few.

No refunds for gift cards now.

Carrefour: Beijing market supply

It is expected to basically return to normal within a month

  Regarding the large-scale shortage of goods in Carrefour and the limited consumption of shopping cards, the reporter also contacted Carrefour Supermarket. Carrefour said that it is actively replenishing goods.

  Ma Chao, Beijing Regional Operation Director of Carrefour Supermarket: Carrefour is now actively transforming and upgrading, and the group and various resources are coordinating.

It is expected that within a month, the supply situation in the Beijing market will basically return to normal.

  Ma Chao said that at present, the supply chain of Carrefour supermarkets is being adjusted, and the future supply chain model and retail scene formats will be more diversified.

When some supply chain models are connected, the system settlement needs to be docked and upgraded, resulting in some products that cannot be settled by shopping cards.

Lawyers said that if merchants want to limit the settlement scope of shopping cards, they should make it clear when consumers buy cards and indicate the scope of use of shopping cards.

There is no special agreement, the shopping card should be able to purchase any commodity in the supermarket, and the merchant cannot unilaterally limit the scope of use of the shopping card.

  Liu Junhai, Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China: Some shopping malls have a special agreement on the prepaid card issued, saying that the shopping mall has the final right to interpret the prepaid card. This kind of clause is issued by the merchant unilaterally to unspecified consumers in advance. , not drafted by consumers, but unilaterally drafted by merchants who abused their superior negotiating position, so this is an unfair standard clause.

  At the same time, Liu Junhai said that the shopping card is a prepaid card. When consumers decide not to spend any more, the principal of the card should be refundable.

  Liu Junhai, Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China: The balance in the card seems to be placed in the merchant's bank account, but in fact it is temporarily kept by the merchant for the benefit of consumers.

As long as the consumer does not breach the contract, he has the right to request the merchant to return the balance in the card at any time.