Enterprises grab a "good start" and offline recruitment is hot

  Recently, a section of the first road in Changping District, Beijing experienced rare congestion, and people poured into the recruitment hall of the Human Resources Public Service Center of Changping District, where the first local job fair kicked off after the Spring Festival.

  According to statistics, this job fair provided more than 1,400 positions in the fields of manufacturing, people's livelihood, and high-end electronic research and development. More than 1,200 people participated in the main venue, and 11,162 people visited the online platform.

  "Catching up with the peak period of resumption of work and production after the new year, there are many applicants, and the enthusiasm for submitting resumes is also very high." Zhang Yuchen, director of campus recruitment of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., said.

  Zhang Yuchen, born in 2000, joined Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. after graduating from Beijing Information Science and Technology University last year.

He introduced that this year the group has newly established a business department, which has a large demand for labor. This time, it mainly recruits research and development personnel, and the monthly salary of some engineers can reach 20,000 yuan.

  Zhang Yuchen said that at the end of last year, the group recruited some skilled workers through online live broadcast, but online recruitment can only submit resumes first, and phone verification is required, which is inefficient.

In the two hours that morning, Zhang Yuchen received thirty or forty resumes, and the effect of this comprehensive job fair has exceeded his expectations.

  30-year-old Sun Mengjie has been looking for job opportunities online due to company layoffs before the Spring Festival. This is the first time he has come to an offline job fair. He described it as "the scene is very hot and there are too many people".

  All morning, Sun Mengjie only sent out two resumes.

He has more than 7 years of experience in online marketing, and he has more confidence when applying for a job again, and he will not settle for it.

  Hearing Sun Mengjie’s situation, Hai Song, the founder of Shengde Anjia Nursing Station, who was standing aside, took the initiative to chat with him, “E-commerce and online services are the future trends in the field of medical care integration, and we are exploring. I wonder if you have Are you interested in doing related operations work?"

  Haisong only learned about this job fair yesterday, and before he had time to "grab" the booth, he invited several colleagues to "collect some resumes" on the spot.

Haisong is from Changping, and the company newly established last year is also located in Changping.

"It's great to have such a platform for local talent recruitment," Haisong said.

When he came to the scene this time, he wanted to cooperate with the human resources department of Changping District to help solve the problem of enterprise talent recruitment.

  The job fair also set up a "Policy Consulting Comprehensive Service Zone". Some companies came to consult related subsidy policies, some job seekers wanted to know about issues such as flexible employment and social security, and some job seekers hoped to master security, cooks, computers, etc. through training. relevant vocational skills.

  Job seekers can also register their job-seeking information in the special area, and the information will be included in the database of the Changping District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau together with the recruitment information released by the company and matched to serve as a bridge between the two parties.

Staff member Wang Hejing introduced that the people who came to register for employment included not only fresh graduates in their 20s, but also parents who came to help their children register.

  Recently, there are 6 job fairs going on simultaneously in other streets of Changping District.

Qi Junguo, secretary of the party group and director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Changping District, Beijing, said that this job fair is a joint effort between districts, towns, and villages to convey the employment needs to the most basic level and extend to the places closest to the people.

  "Two days ago, when the channel of the enterprise booth was opened, it was like grabbing tickets online, and it disappeared in a while." Qi Junguo said, judging from this supply and demand situation, I believe that China's economy will have a big leap this year.

  Qi Junguo introduced that in the next step, Beijing Changping District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will focus on key employment groups, key regions and key industries, through the "Employment Supermarket" platform on the official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and the WeChat public account "People's Employment" Platforms such as the "Changping Employment" WeChat public account, launched various recruitment activities such as special sessions for college graduates, special sessions for "Huitian area" and special sessions for specialized and special new enterprises, ensuring "events every week and special sessions every month", In order to ensure the "power up and battery life" of enterprise employment, and to provide a solid human resource guarantee for the realization of "starting steadily and getting off to a good start".

  China Youth Daily China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Yi Source: China Youth Daily