In order to strengthen economic security, the government has compiled a draft guideline on a system that allows prior examinations to maintain the functions of basic infrastructure such as electricity and telecommunications, as well as a system that allows patents on advanced technologies to remain private.

We aim to start operation next spring.

Under the Economic Security Promotion Law, which was partially enforced in August last year

, the government conducts preliminary screenings when companies responsible for basic infrastructure such as electric power and communications introduce important equipment in order to prevent cyber attacks.

▽In order to prevent the outflow of technology that can be diverted to military use, we have established a system that allows the content of patent applications to be kept private


The government compiled a draft basic guideline for the specific operation of the system and presented it at the Liberal Democratic Party's economic security meeting held on the 3rd.

According to this, in the pre-screening system for maintaining the functions of the core infrastructure, in

addition to setting certain standards for the target company in terms of business scale and market share,

▽ in the screening, the manufacturer of the equipment to be introduced It will check which country it was founded in, the names of its officers, their nationalities, and where the equipment was manufactured.

In addition, in depriving the public of patents,

while specifying the target technologies as

▽ advanced technology, space and cyber fields that may be used for weapons, and

▽ nuclear technology that can be diverted to weapons of mass destruction,

Considering the impact on the industry, we

will not uniformly disclose it, but will make a comprehensive judgment.

The government plans to pass these draft guidelines through a panel of experts and make a cabinet decision, aiming to start operation next spring.