China News Service, February 3rd (China News Finance reporter Wu Tao) Recently, Changchun Baike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced that the company has recently received the "Herpes Zoster Live Attenuated Vaccine" issued by the State Drug Administration. Drug Registration Certificate".

This means that the world's first marketing application for a live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine suitable for adults aged 40 and over has been approved in mainland China.

Online reservation service on the Internet platform.

  On the 2nd, Ali Health launched a registration service for domestic herpes zoster vaccination needs. Users aged 40 and above who have vaccination needs can fill in the information online and subscribe to vaccine reminders.

  Before the product was approved, there were not many options for a shingles vaccine on the market, according to multiple media reports.

There are only two herpes zoster vaccines approved for marketing in the global market, and only one of them is marketed in China.

The vaccine approved for marketing this time not only enriches the choices of users, but also relaxes the vaccination age of herpes zoster vaccine to 40 years old.

  Herpes zoster is an acute infectious skin disease caused by reactivation of latent varicella-zoster virus in the body.

Complications of shingles Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is painful and unbearable.