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  ChatGPT just liberates people from simple mental work, allowing people to devote more to complex mental work.

  On February 1, local time, OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research company, launched ChatGPT Plus, a paid subscription version of ChatGPT, which charges $20 per month.

Since the release of the model on November 30, 2022, the chat robot ChatGPT has officially embarked on the road to commercial realization.

  This also means that ChatGPT has quickly become a new outlet.

Microsoft has planned to fully integrate its products into ChatGPT; the US version of the headline BuzzFeed has tripled its stock price in two days because it let ChatGPT work to write articles; the old search engine company Google is already worried that it will be replaced by ChatGPT; domestic search giants also released notices, Said that it is about to release the Chinese version of ChatGPT, and AI (artificial intelligence) concept stocks in the domestic capital market rose accordingly.

  It can be said that the official commercial use of ChatGPT will bring AI into a new world.

  ChatGPT is generally considered to be a new outlet

  Human-machine dialogue has always been a subject of tireless research by practitioners.

  Before, we have also come into contact with such as Siri (voice assistant), such as various smart speakers, but at most we can only ask about the weather and some knowledge that can be searched.

The point is that you have to ask questions in a standard way before it can understand and give answers, and many answers are either non-answers or standard speech.

  ChatGPT is different, as long as you talk to it in natural language, it can understand, no standard format is required.

Talking to it is like talking to a human being. This is the real man-machine dialogue.

  In addition, ChatGPT also has a smart brain with a wealth of knowledge, which can give the other party some more accurate suggestions, or provide multiple suggestions for you to choose from.

It can also gradually improve the accuracy of the answer through the feedback from the other party and with the help of multiple rounds of dialogue.

This is already very similar to people.

  Moreover, ChatGPT can also organize the answers in a language that is easy for people to understand, and generate answers that are easy for people to understand.

All in all, it is a talking machine that is highly similar to a human being, and its knowledge is far beyond that of an individual, unmatched by anyone.

Therefore, after AlphaGo, ChatGPT is generally considered to be a new outlet.

  Free people from simple mental work

  Just because ChatGPT is so powerful, it also makes people a little worried.

  If programmers use ChatGPT to write programs, some junior programmers may lose their jobs; if the design department and planning department use ChatGPT on a large scale, some junior designers and planners may also be replaced.

Even those outpatient doctors who we think are irreplaceable, if ChatGPT learning ability is getting stronger and stronger, what reason is there to say that they are irreplaceable?

  Therefore, what we need to think about is that the changes brought about by ChatGPT are huge. Are human beings fully prepared for this?

  Of course, ChatGPT is not the devil either.

The arrival of a new technology will inevitably eliminate some technologies and skills, but at the same time there will be new demands.

However, in the tide of the times, human beings can only adapt instead of resisting, and embrace change instead of sticking to the rules.

  For example, in history, the emergence of steam engines, electricity, and electronic computers was all for the liberation of human beings, freeing human beings from heavy physical labor and investing more in mental work.

ChatGPT only liberates people from simple mental work, allowing people to invest more in complex mental work.

  Domestic companies have also begun to develop new tracks

  ChatGPT is popular all over the world, and domestic giants will naturally not miss this opportunity, and some companies have taken the lead in becoming players of ChatGPT-like applications, and plan to launch applications similar to ChatGPT in March this year.

  For this kind of competitive threat that must be faced directly, domestic companies can also be said to have made relevant preparations long ago.

For example, AI painting, which was popular last year, is an AI art and creative assistance platform, and it is also an AI painting product launched based on technological innovation.

  It is entirely foreseeable that with the accumulation of domestic companies in this area, Chinese players who join the ChatGPT application competition will also drive relevant domestic parties to run on this new track.

  Since language came into being, ape-man became Homo sapiens.

Since becoming Homo sapiens, human development has advanced by leaps and bounds.

In the long history of mankind, language has played an extremely important role.

  Now, the machine has solved the language problem, can understand human language, and started to speak human language. Will it also bring about a stormy revolution?

ChatGPT has brought us endless imagination.

  □Liu Xingliang (Dean of DCCI Internet Research Institute)