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is a friendly economy time.

Today (3rd), I will be with reporter Kwon Ae-ri.

There is a lot of talk about heating costs.

However, I was wondering if I should pay more because the bill I pay has increased a little bit, but I heard that products with higher prices are already coming out due to the skyrocketing energy price? 


Yes, it's graduation season these days.

If the parents of the students showed up at the graduation ceremony with a large bouquet of flowers, it wouldn't be too much of a mistake to think that my mom was doing too much to congratulate me on my graduation.

Flower prices are rising rapidly.

Since it's graduation season, more people are looking for it, so the price difference is a lot compared to this time last year.

For the past week, the average auction price for a single rose at Yangjae-dong Flower Market has been close to 8,560 won.

This is an increase of more than 60% over the same period last year.

Tulips also rose by nearly 20%, and flowers like sweet peas, which were initially in extremely low quantities, became more than twice as expensive.

This is because the auction price in the wholesale market with data on the overall average is like this.

Considering the subsequent distribution costs, the price of flowers these days is literally the price of gold.

Not only is it expensive, but it is said that it is difficult to find many large and attractive flowers at once.


Of course, the price of flowers has risen so much now that there is a timing effect, but ultimately, isn't this because of heating costs?


] Yes, it is.

There are many factors, but the recently added factor is that the heating cost of the vinyl house has risen so much.

There is oil for heating the greenhouse, and there is also electric heating.

Kerosene, which is agricultural oil, is not taxed, and electricity rates are set separately for agricultural use.

But the impact of higher energy prices across the board is here as well. 

The price of kerosene is up nearly 40% from a year ago.

Electricity rates have also risen three times in the past year, and are more than 50% more expensive than a year ago.

Because of this, large-scale fish farms that grow not only flowers, but also fruits that need to be grown in greenhouses with heating, and seafood such as flatfish supplied to raw fish restaurants, ask, “What is this?”

It is said that he is receiving a heating bill that makes a sound.

Although the government and local governments are preparing agricultural heating subsidies or are now accepting applications for subsidies.

I can't handle all the increased burden on the whole.

Many places respond by lowering the heating temperature than necessary.

But if you do that, the flowers will not grow well.

Strawberries do not grow well, and production may decrease, but it is at a level that can not be helped.

This is how flowers, fruits, vegetables, and marine products are growing in production burden here and there.

This burden will inevitably be passed on to prices in the future.

[Lee Young-ho/Jinju Sugok Strawberry Farm Operation: (Heating cost) has risen by 30-40%.

I use electric heating and oil heating, and I use 10,000 liters per pot.

Last year, it was about 8 million won, (this year) I think it will be about 15 to 16 million won.

To be honest, I lowered the heating temperature by 1℃ because there was a lot of oil.

So, things get worse.

A vicious cycle takes place.

It must be said that good products are not available because it is cold (strawberries) break out.]


It seems that the real energy price surge has had a really big impact, both directly and indirectly.

But I think this is already reflected in the numbers.

Last month, the range of inflation rose again a little bit, right?


Yes, the economy is not good this year, but I am worried that prices will rise at the same time.

The rate of inflation, which showed a slight decrease during the three months at the end of last year, expanded again.

Public utility bills such as electricity, gas, and water have risen significantly.

And, as I showed you earlier, when these basic costs rise, the price rises are inevitably passed on to unexpected items.

Anyway, there is nothing that doesn't climb these days. 

As for ice cream, it's common to raise the price in advance in the winter when people buy less, so it's less noticeable.

You may know the so-called 'national ice bar' melon flavor, which you could eat for 800 won just two years ago.

It has been 1,200 won since this month.

When I raised 200 won a year ago, it was in 5 years, but I raised it again in 1 year.

In fact, the price of such a favorite food is not often raised like this two years in a row because consumers notice a lot.

However, this year, prices that jumped last year were quickly passed on here as well.

Not only ice cream, but also sweets, chocolate, and gum lined up.

New Year's prices are off to an unusual start. 

Although it is a frustrating situation with many factors that cannot be helped by our own power, somehow more active measures are needed.