, Hangzhou, February 1st (Qian Chenfei) On February 1st, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Taxation Bureau that the province's 2023 "Spring Breeze Action to Convenience Taxes" was officially launched recently. This is the 10th consecutive year for the province. This action was carried out in 2019 with the aim of continuously optimizing and improving the tax business environment and solving difficult problems for taxpayers and payers.

  In the past few days, during the visits, the reporter found that many taxpayers have enjoyed real tax convenience and practical difficulties have been resolved.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival, the party committee team of the Zhejiang Provincial Taxation Bureau led a team to carry out the activity of "big visits, big research, big services, big problem solving" to solve problems in a timely manner through front-line visits and needs.

  "A good tax and business environment has always been a harbor for us to strengthen our smart brand and open up overseas markets." Qiu Jianping, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and chairman of Yestar Holdings Group Co., Ltd., said, "The tax department accurately matches us. Foreign trade companies "go overseas" to grab orders, provide advanced services to provide export risk guidance under the cross-border e-commerce model, support the innovative development of new formats and new models, and help the cross-border e-commerce sector continue to maintain rapid growth, which makes us feel very warm."

  It is reported that when the province's "Spring Breeze Action on Convenience of Taxation for the People" was launched in 2023, tax authorities at all levels in Zhejiang went to the grassroots level, visited enterprises, and visited the masses by means of on-site research, tax-enterprise discussions, and household visits. Service" normalization, "whole-process service" precision, and "all-round service" systematic requirements, listening to and sorting out tax-related demands of enterprises, so that taxpayers and payers in Zhejiang Province can feel the warmth of the "spring breeze".

  People have what they need, and taxes do what they need.

After extensively listening to the opinions and appeals of market players and all walks of life, this year the provincial taxation department focused on taxpayers' "urgency, difficulty and anxiety". An innovative measure to create a recognizable action plan in Zhejiang.

  Qingyuan is a mountainous county in Zhejiang Province, with a wide area and long distances.

The Qingyuan County Taxation Bureau set up a "Rural Tax and Fee Service Station" and hired village and town cadres as "tax assistants" to provide assistance to villagers in tax-related matters such as registration, tax declaration, invoice issuance, pension, and medical insurance payment. , more than 90% of the business can be handled at the doorstep, and the "last mile" of tax-related services can be opened up.

  This is exactly the "sinking tax service" among the above six innovative measures in Zhejiang this year.

Taxation departments at all levels in the province explored the establishment of grid-based tax service points in towns, streets, and villages, relying on measures such as "non-contact" tax guidance, self-service equipment, and "screen-to-screen" remote guidance. The mechanism of "on-site counseling for basic business - nearby self-service for simple business - remote support for complex issues" continues to reduce the cost of tax payment.

  Promoting personalized services for companies planning to list is also an innovative service initiative of taxation departments in various places in Zhejiang.

Taxation departments across the province have set up tax expert teams for companies planning to go public, and tailor-made personalized counseling service plans for tax-related problems at various stages of corporate listing, reorganization, mergers and reorganizations, and equity transfers; combined with daily risk scanning, follow-up management, etc. in a timely manner Push the tax "medical examination report" to escort the company's road to listing.

  Laoniangjiu Catering Co., Ltd. is a catering company in Huzhou, Zhejiang, and has been exploring the way of Chinese fast food listing.

The Huzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau mobilizes business backbones who are proficient in tax policies to form a "listed tax aid team" to provide professional and comprehensive tax consultation and assistance from four aspects: tax policy guidance, collection and management process linkage, tax credit services, assessment and inspection guidance.

  "The 'Listing Tax Aid Team' is the 'backup team' of the company, providing comprehensive guidance on the tax-related difficulties encountered in the listing process, and giving us a 'big accelerator' in the listing process." Zhou Guangbin, the company's financial director, said.

  It is understood that in Zhejiang's 2023 "Convenience of Taxation Spring Breeze Action", the provincial tax department will also realize cross-border electronic tax payment, realize "one thing" handling of equity transfers, promote refined supervision and services of tax-related professional services, Continue to introduce innovative measures to promote the construction of the "Maple Bridge" taxation bureau (institution) in the new era.