China News Service, February 2nd. On February 2nd, Meng Huating, head of the Foreign Investment Management Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the press conference of the State Council Information Office that in 2022, with the joint efforts of all parties, foreign investment has achieved remarkable results. A good foundation has been laid for the work of foreign investment in the past year.

At present, there are still many favorable factors for my country's absorption of foreign capital. To sum up, there are four main aspects.

  First, China's economic growth prospects are promising.

China's economy has strong resilience, great potential and vitality, and its long-term fundamentals remain unchanged.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a strategic plan for the current and future economic construction, and the Central Economic Work Conference put forward clear requirements for promoting the overall improvement of economic operation this year.

All localities and departments are actively taking action, and are gradually studying and promulgating implementation measures to achieve the goal of "stabilizing growth, stabilizing employment, and stabilizing prices".

Recently, a number of international organizations have raised their forecasts for China's economic growth this year. Economic growth means investment opportunities. Recent surveys by relevant institutions show that most foreign-funded enterprises are very confident in the prospects for China's economic development this year.

Investors have confidence, which is the greatest confidence for us to do a good job in foreign investment.

  Second, the "magnetic attraction" of foreign capital in the Chinese market continues to increase.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, more than 90% of foreign-funded enterprises in China are mainly oriented to the Chinese market. With a population of more than 1.4 billion, China is the second largest consumer market in the world. New forms of consumption and new models are constantly emerging, and the market potential continues to be released.

The Central Economic Work Conference requires that the recovery and expansion of consumption should be given priority this year, the market size will be further expanded, and foreign businessmen will have more motivation to invest in China.

  Third, the policy superposition effect continues to emerge.

Since last year, the Ministry of Commerce, together with relevant parties, has released a new version of the "Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment", and introduced a series of special policies to promote investment in manufacturing and encourage the development of foreign-invested R&D centers.

This year, we will fully promote the implementation of these policies, and will introduce another batch of policy measures according to the deployment of the central government.

The superposition of existing policies and incremental policies will bring more sense of gain to foreign-funded enterprises.

  Fourth, cross-border exchanges are more convenient.

In the past three years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the cross-border flow of people and logistics have been hindered, which is the most prominent problem encountered by foreign investment.

At present, as the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage, cross-border exchanges are gradually becoming normalized.

Everyone has also noticed that many places have recently gone out to carry out investment promotion activities. It is believed that more foreign-funded projects will land in China this year.

(China New Finance and Economics)