, February 3rd (Zuo Yukun, reporter from Chinanews Finance and Economics) At the beginning of the new year, "strive for the economy with all my strength" has become the consensus of all regions, and the charge for the start has already sounded.

  How to do work in the new year?

The New Year's "No. 1 Document" in various places can be described as an outline of key tasks throughout the year.

Recently, many provinces have issued the "No. 1 Document", clarifying the starting point for the new year's economic work and firing the starting gun.

During the Spring Festival, Hangzhou Xixi Wetland is full of tourists.

Photo courtesy of Xixi Wetland

promote consumption

  Consumption is the "ballast stone" for stable economic development.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the consumer market with both booming supply and demand welcomed a "good start", which made a good start for the steady recovery of consumer confidence and the continuous burst of economic vitality.

  Strike while the iron is hot, and consumption has been listed as a key task for the whole year in the "No. 1 Document" of many provinces.

  Jiangsu Province, whose GDP will reach a new level of 12 trillion in 2022, proposed a total of 42 policy measures in 12 aspects in the "Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Overall Improvement of Economic Operation", aiming to boost development confidence and promote economic operation Get better first.

  Efforts to restore and boost consumption are of great significance for Jiangsu to take the lead in promoting the overall improvement of economic operation.

Zhou Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, introduced that Jiangsu will coordinate efforts from both ends of supply and demand. The focus of the supply side is to speed up the construction of a modern commercial circulation system and promote the benign interaction between supply and demand; the focus of the demand side is to enhance the driving effect of consumption promotion activities and continue to release consumption potential.

  Based on this, Jiangsu has made it clear that it will focus on restoring and boosting consumption. In addition to vigorously promoting the recovery and innovation of cultural and tourism enterprises, it also focuses on organizing and carrying out activities to promote consumption such as the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and the sending of green smart home appliances to the countryside, as well as the continuation of the implementation of new energy vehicles. Automobiles are exempted from the vehicle purchase tax policy.

  Also giving the new energy vehicle market "reassurance" is Shanghai.

The "Shanghai Action Plan for Improving Confidence, Expanding Demand, Stabilizing Growth and Promoting Development" launched a total of ten actions and 32 policy measures.

Among them, it is proposed that individual consumers will be given a financial subsidy of 10,000 yuan per vehicle for purchasing pure electric vehicles before the end of June this year, and a one-time subsidy of 10% of the payment amount, up to 1,000 yuan, for consumers purchasing green smart home appliances.

  At the same time, Shanghai will fully restore and boost consumption through a multi-pronged approach to consumption scenarios such as shopping festivals, cultural festivals, art seasons, and the exhibition industry.

  Liaoning, the largest economic province in Northeast China, also attaches great importance to the creation of consumption scenarios. In the "Several Policy Measures for Further Stabilizing the Economy in Liaoning Province", it proposes to focus on creating new consumption scenarios, increase support for county-level businesses and key commercial circulation market entities, etc. Measures, diversified consumption subsidies and colorful consumption promotion activities have also been put on the agenda.

The picture shows the Shenzhen High Quality Development Conference and the opening ceremony of the first batch of major projects in 2023.

Photo by He Long

Power Expansion Investment

  "From the practice of stabilizing growth in recent years, the expansion of effective investment has always played a key role." Ruan Qing, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that in 2023 Shanghai will continue to use the expansion of effective investment as a way to boost confidence, expand demand, and stabilize growth. , An important measure to promote development, as an important means to optimize the supply structure.

  In terms of expanding effective investment, Shanghai will carry out global investment promotion activities, hold a series of investment promotion activities in the "Surging Pujiang River", Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference and Shanghai City Promotion Conference, and organize professional investment promotion teams to go overseas to accurately carry out special investment promotion activities.

  Liaoning proposed to increase support for the introduction of foreign investment.

For high-quality foreign-invested projects with a new establishment of more than 50 million US dollars and a capital increase of more than 30 million US dollars, rewards will be given according to the proportion of no more than 2% of the actual foreign investment in place, with a maximum reward of 10 million yuan.

  Jiangsu's "No. 1 Document" pointed out that to increase the promotion of major projects at the provincial level and above, local governments can make commitments according to their duties and powers, formulate and try out the land use commitment system, and when the local government promises to fulfill the source of total pollutant discharge indicators Under the premise of improving the regional environmental quality, the project EIA commitment system can be implemented for approval.

The picture shows the building sand table displayed by a commercial housing sales center in Zhengzhou.

(Data map) Photo by Han Zhangyun

Stabilize the property market

  "Real estate is still the pillar industry of China's national economy." At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, this statement was mentioned many times on important occasions, which greatly excited the market.

All localities have also included boosting housing consumption into the economic development framework for the new year.

  Jiangsu has implemented the support for boosting housing demand from the perspectives of individual tax, provident fund, relocation and resettlement, and price filing, and will continue to penetrate the real estate policy in 2022.

Expressions such as "adjusting and optimizing restrictive policies and land transfer policies" also make people look forward to the introduction of more policies in the future.

  Liaoning encourages second-hand housing transactions and new commercial housing sales to enjoy the same subsidy support policy, and puts forward specific measures such as "transfer with mortgage" for second-hand housing.

  In addition to clearly supporting reasonable housing consumption and meeting the financing needs of real estate companies, Shanghai also proposed to start 10 urban village renovation projects.

  "From the second half of 2022, the country's tone on real estate has been adjusted, and the weight of stabilizing growth and promoting domestic demand has increased. It can be said that the intensity of policy support has exceeded expectations." Li Yujia, chief researcher at the Housing Policy Research Center of Guangdong Urban Planning Institute, believes that , Based on this, all regions can not only promote the stable and healthy development of real estate, but also help achieve economic development goals by taking advantage of policy dividends.

On February 1, citizens and tourists passed the pedestrian crossing on the south side of the Drum Tower on the central axis of Beijing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

To protect people's livelihood

  Beijing and Hebei focused the "No. 1 Document" on people's livelihood.

The "Beijing 2023 Plan for the Division of Work of Important Livelihood Projects" issued by Beijing involves a total of 33 important people's livelihood projects, including eight aspects including optimizing basic public services and improving people's living conditions.

  Among them, it is proposed that 20,000 new primary and secondary school places will be added this year, 90 signal light green wave belts will be optimized, and 100 kilometers of forest trails will be built, which has attracted attention.

  The "Hebei Province 2023 Livelihood Project Implementation Plan" issued by the General Office of the Hebei Provincial Government made it clear that this year, the province will continue to implement livelihood projects, including the renovation of 1,816 old residential areas in cities and towns, and the construction and renovation of 7,000 kilometers of rural roads, of which "connecting roads" 330 kilometers etc.

  After sorting out, it is found that the "No. 1 Document" in many places also deeply reflects the "important characteristics" of the local area.

  For example, as a large animal husbandry province, the General Office of the People's Government of Jilin Province issued Document No. 1 of 2023 - "Several Policies and Measures to Support the High-Quality Development of the Pig and Poultry Industry", pointing out that the pig and poultry industry is an important pillar industry of the animal husbandry industry in Jilin Province , Pork and poultry eggs are important consumer goods in the residents' "vegetable basket".

The document proposes a number of specific measures to encourage and support the pig and poultry industries.

  Shanxi, a major energy province, issued the "Notice of the Shanxi Provincial People's Government on Doing a Good Job in Safe Production in 2023". This is also since 2009. The Shanxi Provincial Government has arranged and deployed safety production work with the "No. 1 Document" for 15 consecutive years.