[Explanation] On February 1, the "Shanghai Housing Leasing Regulations" was officially implemented. The legislation clearly prohibits "using housing for group renting", housing intermediaries publishing false information, and increasing the supervision of "secondary landlords".

On the day when the regulations came into effect, urban management law enforcement officers of Jinshan District visited housing agencies and residential quarters.

In a real estate agency in Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, law enforcement officers verified the authenticity of the housing information on the spot and asked the real estate agency to stop publishing false information.

  [Concurrent] Urban Management Law Enforcement Officers

  On the one hand, it is the production certificate information. The online information of the parties and handlers on the production certificate must be verified. After the new policy, it is very important to (prohibit) publishing false housing information.

  [Same period] Yang Weiwei, the store manager of the housing intermediary store

  All practitioners have applied for this (real estate) broker practitioner information card, and there are also QR codes on it to ensure that we are regular and unified, and the photos and videos of each property source have been checked.

We will promptly remove some listings that have been rented out or sold.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the rental market is hot after the festival, and the urban management department requires real estate agencies to go to the Community Affairs Acceptance Center for registration and filing within 30 days in accordance with the regulations.

In addition, the regulations clarify the code of conduct that lessors and lessees should abide by, and require lessors not to forcibly change or terminate the housing lease contract, and not to take back the leased housing in advance.

  [Explanation] Subsequently, the urban management law enforcement officers came to the Haiyue residential area of ​​Shanyang Town.

The community is a resettlement community with 1920 houses.

In order to standardize the management of rental housing, the community currently strictly formulates 7 access regulations, clarifying that housing rental needs to meet the requirements of per capita usable area of ​​not less than 5 square meters, and group rental is prohibited.

For the houses that have been rented out, through the grid management, the basic information of the housing personnel is checked on a regular basis, and potential safety hazards are eliminated.

At the scene, the urban management law enforcement officers ordered the residential committees of the community to increase the supervision of "secondary landlords". Individuals who sublease houses for profit to reach the specified number and engage in housing leasing business activities must handle market entity registration according to law.

  [Concurrent] Fang Yeping, Section Chief of the Regulations Section of the Urban Management and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Jinshan District, Shanghai

  Regarding the situation of the "secondary landlord", after sorting it out, we will guide, guide correctly, and apply for relevant permits as required.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that after the implementation of the regulations, the urban management and law enforcement departments will further strengthen policy publicity, and at the same time increase the linkage between management and law enforcement.

In response to the phenomenon of group renting, timely investigation, increased investigation and law enforcement efforts, and timely supervision and rectification.

  Reported by Zhang Jian and Lin Kunpeng in Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Song Yusheng]