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  Entering 2023, although the weather is cold, the warmth in people's hearts is getting stronger.

All regions and industries are sorting out their thinking, reloading and starting to welcome the spring of steady recovery.

At this time of change and full of expectations, the "2023 Let's Start Again" series of investigation reports will be launched today, investigating a number of representative industries and industries, and exploring the truth of their recovery, revitalization, and start again situation, as well as expectations and prospects for future development.

  Consumption is a barometer for observing the Chinese economy.

During the Spring Festival holiday that just passed, travel and tourism in my country was booming, the Spring Festival stalls set off a movie-watching boom, and the supply and demand of the consumer market were both booming, showing the vigorous vitality of the Chinese economy and the continuous recovery of consumer confidence.

Let's go to Hainan first to see how strong the tourism recovery there is.

  This Spring Festival holiday, Hainan is once again popular!

  In 2023, returning home for the Spring Festival and reunion will be the main theme, and travel and tourism will also usher in a small climax.

According to calculations by the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, this year’s Spring Festival holiday (January 21-27) saw 308 million domestic trips, a year-on-year increase of 23.1%; domestic tourism revenue was 375.843 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%.

  "The Spring Festival is either in Hainan or on the way to Hainan." "Half of the people in the circle of friends are on vacation in Hainan." "From the beach to the duty-free shop, they are all people." Tourism counterattack, more than 260,000 people visited Haihua Island in 5 days during the Spring Festival"...

  A piece of information about traveling and vacationing in Hainan to celebrate the Spring Festival has become a different kind of "fashionable" topic in the cold winter.

After three years of ups and downs due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Hainan Island, a land of coconut wind and sea charm that countless people miss, welcomes friends from all corners of the country with open arms.

No matter where you come from, from the moment you land on the island, you will be mesmerized by the warm sun, fresh air, colorful flowers, and abundant melons and fruits.

  Statistics show that during the Spring Festival holiday this year, the total number of tourists received by Hainan Province was 6.3936 million, an increase of 18.2% year-on-year; the total tourism revenue was 9.298 billion yuan, an increase of 23.5% year-on-year.

How can Hainan's tourism industry recover strongly?

  All-for-one tourism is in full swing

  In the middle of winter, the Bougainvillea shared farm in Bianyang Village, Hongqi Town, Qiongshan District, Haikou City. The bougainvilleas are in full bloom, colorful and colorful, attracting many tourists to stop to watch and take pictures.

Wu Linqiao, the person in charge of the farm, said, "The Haikou Triangle Plum Blossom Exhibition is an innovative brand combining agriculture, culture and tourism, attracting two to three thousand people to visit every day."

  As one of the provinces with the richest tourism resources in my country, coupled with the promotion of the free trade port construction policy, the tourism industry in Hainan Province has ushered in great development in recent years, especially this year's Spring Festival Golden Week is hot "out of the circle", making Hainan a tourist destination. preferred.

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are many tourists from all over Hainan, and the scenic spots, hotels and restaurants are full of tourists.

Tasting Qiongcai seafood, appreciating the coconut wind and sea charm, enjoying water sports... The colorful tourism life creates many experiences for tourists.

  Haikou Qilou Old Street, Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Area, Danzhou Dongpo Academy, Wanning Shimei Bay, Qionghai Boao Forum for Asia Permanent Site Scenic Spot, Baoting Yanuoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area, Ledong Yinggehai …Walking into Hainan, scenic spots are blooming everywhere, the development of global tourism is in full swing, and the development of the whole chain of tourism has achieved remarkable results, which has become a powerful engine driving the development of Hainan Free Trade Port.

  This year is the fifth year that Wang Jin has been an online car-hailing driver in Sanya. He is very familiar with the streets and alleys of Sanya, and he can plan the most suitable travel route for tourists without using navigation.

  When the road was blocked, Wang Jin was not only not worried, but when asked by reporters, he smiled heartily and explained the reason.

"During the epidemic, there were very few tourists in Sanya, and they couldn't receive a few orders a day. The road was smooth, but the income also dropped precipitously." Wang Jin said that now the traffic jam means that tourists are coming, and he can earn up to 1,000 yuan a day. If you have income, you can support your family and have a good year.

  Why can Hainan attract so many tourists?

  "The thing that attracts me most in Sanya is the sunshine. As soon as the epidemic is unblocked, we plan to come to Sanya for the New Year. It is warm here, and the children's rhinitis is much better." Hu Bingqing, who came to live in Sanya from Tianjin on January 14, said, The family self-driving trip to Sanya is a tradition of Chinese New Year. A family of more than 20 people come in batches to eat special New Year’s Eve dinners and watch performances in Sanya to celebrate the reunion year.

  Wang Jiansheng, president of the Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Research Association, believes that compared with national tourism, Hainan's biggest advantage is the theme of the sea.

In Hainan in winter, the sun, the beach and the sea open their arms to tourists.

In addition, having an in-depth dialogue with nature in the tropical rainforest of Hainan and experiencing an ecological journey is very popular among citizens and tourists.

Duty-free shopping tour has also become the "golden brand" of Hainan tourism.

In addition, in recent years, Hainan's culture and tourism have been deeply integrated. During the Spring Festival, many citizens and tourists went to the island's countryside to experience the unique flavor of the year, and rural tourism continued to be popular.

  The construction of tourist roads and post stations around the island of Hainan has been accelerated, and the "prosperous work and light learning" tourism talent training model has been creatively carried out. The world's largest single duty-free shop, Haikou International Duty Free City, has been completed and opened, and Danzhou Haihua Island Tourist Resort has made a stunning debut ... In the past three years, despite the impact of the epidemic, the development of Hainan's tourism has never stopped. Each landmark project has become a new growth point of Hainan's tourism industry, refreshing a new landmark of Hainan's tourism.

  Abundant supply of tourism products

  The afterglow of the setting sun shines on the sparkling sea, the sea breeze is blowing, the waves are surging, and the coconut groves stand tall. In the tourist area of ​​Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya, after the passenger ships dock at the pier, wave after wave of tourists visit the island.

Accompanied by their parents, the children enjoyed the fun of playing in the water, waving a small shovel on the beach to dig sand.

Groups of tourists spread out picnic mats, or sit on the ground, or stroll on the sea viewing corridor, enjoying the gift of nature comfortably.

  "Since Sanya canceled the zoning control policy on December 5, 2022, the number of people going to the island has increased significantly on December 6. The number of tourists on that day has increased by 22%, and the number of hotel orders has increased by 48%." Chairman of the Sanya Sports Tourism Association Feng Chao, vice president of Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Zone, said that until the Spring Festival Golden Week, Wuzhizhou Island received more than 15,000 tourists per day.

Faced with such a high load, Wuzhizhou Island sent additional second-line department and administrative staff to the front line to assist, and dispatched all passenger ships in the port to receive them, so that tourists can visit the island efficiently in a short time.

  "When my girlfriend and I visited Wuzhizhou Island for the first time, we became very interested in diving and wake surfing. Now we are here for the second time. We want to participate in coral transplantation and join marine conservation volunteers Team." Tourist Shi Haoxu finished speaking and dragged his girlfriend to the shallow water area.

Turning tourists from experiencers to enthusiasts is gradually becoming the development trend of this type of water sports.

  Tourists' enthusiasm for water-friendly projects is obviously higher than in previous years.

"During the Spring Festival, more than half of the tourists experienced the water-friendly projects. On January 23, the number of tourists who experienced the water-friendly projects reached a record high." Feng Chao said that this year, tourists will stay in the scenic spot for a longer time and play more projects. Many tourists choose to live on the island to watch the sunrise on the sea.

In order to enhance the attractiveness of consumption, during the Spring Festival, the scenic spot has launched preferential promotion measures such as Fun Play Island Hi-Play Package, Extreme Players, Luxury Island Dive, Island Parent-child Tours, etc., to meet the diverse needs of tourists.

  In addition to various water sports, a variety of cultural experience activities also attract a large number of tourists.

As night fell, in the Sanya Eternal Scenic Area, tourists lined up to enter the venue in an orderly manner, waiting for the large-scale song and dance "Sanya Eternal Love" to start. Since the scenic spot resumed performances on January 13, the theater was full of seats, the venue was full, and thunderous applause at the wonderful performances. There was endless applause.

"What shocked me was that the performance broke through the traditional space boundaries, with endless 360-degree panoramic scenes, special effects that made people feel immersive, and the audience's interactive participation experience was great." After the performance, the tourist Mr. Wang walked out of the theater, still full of aftertaste.

  "During the Spring Festival, in addition to watching performances, we also watched the brocade of the Li nationality in scenic spots, and experienced intangible cultural heritage such as pottery making, sugar painting, tie-dyeing. The children also experienced copperplate printing for free and printed window grilles by themselves." Hu Bingqing said.

  Haikou Qilou Old Street tastes Nanyang culture, Wanning Riyue Bay enjoys the passion of surfing, Changjiang seeks the love of kapok, and Danzhou Haihua Island feels the fairy tale kingdom... This Spring Festival holiday, Hainan's tourism is full of fire, and cultural tourism activities are rich and colorful .

By accelerating the deep integration of tourism and agriculture, sports, health, elderly care, cultural creativity, festival experience and other fields, Hainan has cultivated new tourism products, new formats and new models, and a series of new demands and new supplies are being formed.

  Highlights of new formats

  Crowds of people, endless streams, bright lights... When the coastal tourist city, which had been silent for three years, met the first Spring Festival Golden Week after the unblocking, Hainan's tourism economy was instantly activated.

Duty-free shopping on outlying islands has sprung up suddenly, with many bright spots.

New business forms such as maritime tourism, low-altitude flight, and yachting are developing rapidly. Hainan is exploring a new model for the integrated development of the cultural, sports and tourism industry that integrates sports events + cultural activities + tourism festivals.

  This year's Spring Festival holiday, duty-free consumption on Hainan's outlying islands continues to be popular.

According to statistics from the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, from January 21 to 27, the total sales of 12 outlying island duty-free shops in Hainan Province were 2.572 billion yuan, with an average daily sales of over 360 million yuan, an increase of 20.69% over the 2022 Spring Festival holiday and a 20.69% increase over the 2019 Spring Festival holiday. Holidays are up 329%.

  In recent years, duty-free shopping has attracted a large number of tourists to travel and shop in Hainan Island with preferential prices and convenient services.

With the opening of Haikou International Duty Free City at the end of October last year, and the trial operation of Wanning Wangfujing International Duty Free Port before the Spring Festival this year, Hainan’s outlying island duty-free shops have achieved full coverage of key tourist areas in the south, north, and middle of the island, and the duty-free shopping pattern on outlying islands has further improved. optimization.

  "This time we chose to come to Hainan for the Chinese New Year. It was really the right choice. Here we can see the secret forest of the sky and art exhibitions, drink coconut chicken soup, and also buy, buy, and buy, so as to achieve a double harvest of leisure and shopping. There are many brands here, the products are authentic, and the discounts are strong. It is also big, and it is indeed the largest single duty-free shop in the world." Liu Jie from Zhengzhou, Henan happily shared her experience in Haikou International Duty-Free City.

  With the issuance of several rounds of 10,000 yuan government consumption vouchers in Hainan and the holding of Hainan International Outlying Islands Duty-Free Shopping Festival and other measures to benefit the people directly, Hainan’s duty-free market has achieved immediate results, and the outlying islands’ duty-free gold-letter signs are getting brighter and brighter.

During the Spring Festival, duty-free shops all over Hainan launched promotional activities, offering consumers big gift packages during the Spring Festival in the form of "online + offline".

  In addition to duty-free shopping, activities such as car rental and self-driving, yachting and other activities are also popular among tourists.

According to the data, during the Spring Festival in Hainan, the bookings of car rental and yacht-related tourism products increased by more than 200% year-on-year.

  Since Sanya took the lead in carrying out "yacht leasing (tourism)" in the country, yacht tourism has gradually become well-known and sought after by tourists.

"The cruise and yacht industry, as a characteristic industry in Sanya, has gradually formed a certain industrial scale. We adopt a time-segmented experience tour sales model for yacht tourism products, and yacht tourism is moving from niche high-end to mass leisure." Deputy Secretary-General of Sanya Yachting and Sailing Association Zuo Zhiyong said that "ship jams at sea" during legal holidays will become the norm, and it will also become a new maritime attraction in Sanya.

  "Let's go!" With the shout of the captain, the yacht sailed out of Sanya Bay.

Almost at the same time, more than a dozen yachts sailed out of the dock one by one and merged into the group of yachts on the sea.

On the yacht, many tourists leaned on the bow and raised their cameras to take pictures.

"We experienced yachting, sea fishing, and motorboat riding today. Everyone had a great time, especially the children who were very excited to go out to sea on a yacht." Zhang Jiayi, a tourist from Xi'an, said happily.

  According to statistics from the Sanya Central Business District Administration, by the end of 2022, Sanya has built 4 marinas, forming about 960 water berths; 462 newly registered yachts, a year-on-year increase of 43.03%; the total number of registered yachts reached 1,137, a year-on-year An increase of 20.32%.

During the Spring Festival, the number of sea tourists reached about 50,000 a day, and the sea tourism market as a whole showed explosive growth.

  Xie Xiangxiang, Deputy Secretary-General of Hainan Tourist Hotel Industry Association and Associate Professor of Tourism College of Hainan University, believes that in recent years, tourism product innovation and service upgrading represented by yacht tourism and low-altitude tourism have made rapid progress, winning the market and earning word of mouth. brand.

  Sustainable development has a long way to go

  "The adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies such as the 'New Ten Measures' can be said to be the 'golden key' for the restart of Hainan's tourism. It has successively broken through the "largest reception volume" in history. It can be said that Hainan tourism has become an excellent sample of the strong recovery of the tourism market with its innate climate advantages and advantages of the free trade port system." Xie Xiangxiang said.

  Tourism consumption has a significant effect on stimulating the local economy of Hainan.

Since Hainan issued 53 million tourist coupons to the whole country on October 27, 2022, by the end of the event on December 31, 2022, the verification rate of Hainan tourist coupons has reached 95.3%, and the market-driven ratio is 2.33, which has effectively promoted Hainan tourism. The industry accelerated recovery.

Through the government-enterprise cooperation model, leverage financial, tourism and other enterprises to bring resources to join in, thereby increasing the marginal utility of consumer coupons. Once launched, it quickly attracted the attention of the market and gained a lot of popularity in the Hainan tourism market.

  But we must also see that the strong demand and huge number of tourists cannot cover up the weak links of Hainan's tourism industry in terms of manpower supply and product innovation.

Xie Xiangxiang believes that the first is the shortage of manpower supply, especially the grassroots service personnel can no longer meet the basic operational needs. How to re-establish the attractiveness of the tourism industry to young people needs to pay more attention to salary improvement and development opportunities.

The second is product innovation, which requires systematic planning, overall promotion, and key breakthroughs from the perspective of building an international tourism consumption center.

  "Sanya, as the most famous tropical coastal resort city in my country, has quickly become the preferred holiday destination for Chinese people. Since New Year's Day, Sanya's tourist market has been bustling. However, there are worries in joy, and it is worthy of vigilance." Wang Jiansheng recalled his feelings, "The last time I arrived from Sanya Phoenix Airport, I was greeted by a group of online car-hailing cars and taxis as soon as I got out of the airport. I wanted to stay in a hotel in Sanya Bay less than 10 kilometers away from the airport, but they even asked for 80 yuan. Airport It is the first image area of ​​a tourist destination city, and my experience will give tourists a bad experience. After staying in the hotel, the room fee is nearly 1,400 yuan per night, but no one has answered the room service calls I made.” He believes, "We must cherish the gratifying situation of the tourism market since New Year's Day. We must have a sense of urgency, participate in the competition in the domestic and foreign tourism markets with true feelings + services, and continue to win the favor of the market."

  Every holiday, with the arrival of a large number of tourists, market supply, transportation, hotel reception services and other aspects are facing challenges.

While the tourism market continues to boom, all parts of Hainan have increased the management of the tourism market order.

During the Spring Festival, the relevant member units of the Leading Group for Comprehensive Rectification of the Tourism Market of Hainan Province formed 3 law enforcement inspection teams and 3 unannounced visit teams to jointly carry out supervision and inspection of the holiday market and severely crack down on illegal activities that disrupt the tourism market.

City and county governments have also strengthened territorial management, increased supervision of the holiday tourism market within their jurisdictions, timely dealt with tourists' blockages, difficulties and complaints in travel shopping, accommodation services and other travel-related consumption areas, and strictly regulated the order of the holiday tourism market.

  Deng Chaoye, deputy secretary-general of the Sanya Municipal Government, said that during the Golden Week of the Spring Festival, the Sanya tourism service hotline received a total of 2,348 travel consultation complaints, a decrease of 8% compared with the same period last year; the amount of compensation for tourists was nearly 210,000 yuan, mainly involving hotel cancellations and service quality, service quality of scenic spots, tourism traffic management, commodity quality of shopping places, offshore projects, etc.

  Hainan tourism is becoming more and more popular, and it has also attracted more and more people's attention and care. There are also more and more suggestions from tourists on strengthening the training of tourism practitioners, increasing investment in the tourism industry, building the Qiongzhou Strait Bridge, and building urban light rail. more.

In the future, to give full play to the advantages of resources and the environment and promote the transformation of resources into assets, Hainan will need to continue to contribute to the development of the tourism industry, especially in areas of weakness, so that the blue sea and blue sky will become Hainan's golden mountains and silver mountains.