On the 2nd, the new train "Urara", which aims to improve safety and barrier-free, which JR West will introduce on the Sanyo Line, which runs in Okayama Prefecture and the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, was released to the press.

The 227 series trains that were unveiled to the public are called 'Urara', and the trains that will be introduced on the Sanyo Line between Okayama Prefecture and the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture are nicknamed 'Urara'.

The exterior of the train is made of stainless steel, with a pink band designed in the image of peaches and roses, which are local specialties, and the interior is bright with large windows and LED lighting.

In addition, in order to improve safety, we have introduced a device that automatically applies the brakes when the driver detects an accident, and has strengthened the structure that absorbs the shock of the car body.

Furthermore, in consideration of barrier-free access, there is a space for wheelchairs and strollers, as well as a large toilet that can be used in a wheelchair.

This new vehicle is scheduled to be in operation from the new fiscal year.

Yuka Kawada of JR West's Okayama branch office said, "There are many people along the lines who are looking forward to the first new vehicle in 20 years on the lines in Okayama Prefecture, and I would like to proceed with preparations for its debut."