“It is no coincidence that now there is talk of switching to national currencies.

Who knows which US president will wake up and who will seem unsympathetic to him in the morning, ”he said.

Lavrov recalled that the leaders of Brazil and Argentina are discussing the possibility of creating their own bilateral currency, and later proposed to come up with a currency for all Latin American countries and the Caribbean.

“Lula da Silva proposed to discuss within the framework of BRICS, this will no longer be a regional, but a global approach to what to do with the monetary and financial sphere in an environment where the United States with its dollars simply violates all conceivable decorum.

So the process has begun,” the minister added.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia and African countries are preparing to switch to settlements in national currencies.

Trade adviser to the Malaysian embassy in Russia, Hayfil Elmi Jamil, said that the country's authorities are also exploring the possibility of settlements with Russia in national currencies.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, payments in national currencies will gain momentum.