Hino Motors has announced that it will end up with a loss of 55 billion yen for the current fiscal year due to the fraudulent test data scandal for exhaust gas and other data.

It is said that the final deficit may increase further due to compensation costs.

According to Hino Motors' financial results for the period from April to December last year, announced on the 2nd, sales were 1.11 trillion yen, 3.8% from the same period of the previous year, due to strong sales in overseas countries such as Asia. surpassed.

On the other hand, the final profit and loss was a deficit of 23.7 billion yen due to an extraordinary loss of more than 28.4 billion yen for recall costs and customer compensation costs related to the fraud problem.

In addition, the company did not announce the final profit and loss outlook for the financial results for the current fiscal year, but indicated that the financial results on the 2nd would result in a deficit of 55 billion yen.

If it becomes a final deficit for the third consecutive year, the company says that the final deficit may increase further if the compensation costs associated with the fraud problem increase.

Regarding the fraudulent issue, we plan to resume domestic shipments of some heavy-duty truck models that have been approved for shipment by the country in the middle of this month for the first time in about a year. is prolonging.