China News Service, February 2. According to the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, on February 2, the China Securities Regulatory Commission held the 2023 System Work Conference.

The meeting emphasized that 2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

It is necessary to conscientiously implement the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference, focus on promoting the overall improvement of economic operation, serve to stabilize growth, employment, and prices, strengthen confidence, and boost spirits, and do a good job in the reform, development, and stability of the capital market.

The first is to go all out to fully implement the reform of the stock issuance registration system


In accordance with the overall implementation plan approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, solidly and meticulously do a good job in the formulation and revision of rules and regulations, the translation of enterprises under review, the preparation of technical systems, regulatory transformation, and the prevention and control of integrity risks, and gather the strength of the whole system to promote this project that is related to the capital market. Overall major reforms were implemented smoothly.

Steadily promote the institutional opening of the capital market, and deepen the interconnection with overseas markets.

The second is to more accurately serve the overall situation of stable growth


Enhance the adaptability and inclusiveness of stock and bond financing, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring policies for science and technology companies.

Vigorously promote the regular issuance of publicly offered REITs.

Introduce more practical measures in key areas and weak links such as serving the private economy, small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting the stable and healthy development of real estate, and supporting the platform economy.

The third is to coordinate and promote the improvement of the quality of listed companies and the reform of the investment side


In-depth implementation of a new round of three-year action plan to promote the improvement of the quality of listed companies, promote the high-quality development of equity funds, and guide more medium and long-term funds into the market.

The fourth is to stick to the main responsibility and main business of supervision


Focusing on the market order and ecological shaping after the full implementation of the registration system, strengthen the overall coordination of regulatory forces in various lines, improve regulatory efficiency, promote various market entities to operate in accordance with laws and regulations, and urge industry organizations to improve compliance internal control and incentive and restraint mechanisms, and strengthen the industry. Personnel management, crack down on illegal activities.

The fifth is to consolidate the results of the protracted battle to prevent and defuse major financial risks


Strengthen comprehensive research and judgment and forward-looking responses, steadily and orderly resolve risks in key areas such as private equity funds, local trading venues, and bond defaults, and coordinate to combat financial chaos and purify the market ecology.

(China New Finance and Economics)