Regarding the so-called "annual income barrier", which is one of the points of contention in the current Diet session, President Kobayashi of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a press conference on the 2nd to promote discussions based on ease of work and the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises. I expressed my desire to

It has been pointed out that the so-called "annual income barrier" is also a reason to limit working hours, because once the annual income exceeds a certain level, it is no longer possible to support a spouse and the burden of social insurance premiums arises.

If this wall is crossed, the company that employs them will also bear the social insurance premium.

Kobayashi, president of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said at a press conference on the 2nd, "There are many women who are working as non-regular workers, and it is an issue that is directly linked to work style reform for women. The burden of insurance premiums will soon come in, and some people say that this is very difficult."

After that, "I don't think there is a solution to all of the voices of small and medium-sized enterprises, the active participation of women, the declining birthrate and child rearing, all at once. What is the most important thing when thinking about the next 5 or 10 years? Eliminate the walls. I would like the Diet to debate whether it is important or not to find a solution that everyone can agree on."