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government has come up with countermeasures to prevent this endless scam.

The key is to prevent the crime of not returning the deposit after buying several houses without spending your own money.

For more details, reporter Hemi Lee will explain.


A gang of charter scammers, who attracted tenants by claiming deposit guarantee insurance, bought houses with expensive deposits.

It exploited the loophole of the guarantee insurance that guarantees the deposit even if the rental price is the same as the sales price.

[Victim of Charter Fraud: 'How much is the market price of this house?

it's okay?'

If you ask this and the real estate agent says, 'It's just a nice house,' you sign a contract...


As a measure to prevent damage, the government announced that it would lower the jeonse tax rate for those subject to guarantee insurance from the current 100% to 90%.

When signing a contract for a villa with a market price of 200 million won, until now, even if the deposit was 200 million won, which is the same as the sale price, you could sign up for guarantee insurance, but from now on, you can only sign up for less than 180 million won.

About 8 out of 10 cases in the world for which Hug subrogated by the Korea Housing & Urban Guarantee Corporation came from houses with a jeonse rate of 90% or higher.

[Won Hee-ryong/Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: We see it as a very dangerous contract, exclude it from the warranty, and warn tenants in advance to avoid these things.]

In addition, regulations on registered rental business operators will be strengthened so that the rental business registration will be allowed only when the lessor first purchases a guarantee insurance for the house where the lessee resides, and rental business operators who have been canceled due to not purchasing the guarantee insurance will be restricted from additional registration.

Along with this, it was decided to support ultra-low interest loans for tenants who have suffered from charter fraud when they move, and to increase the number of public rental housing units for emergency residence.

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Along with this, the government decided to make the punishment more severe to prevent realtors from participating in charter fraud.

It is a policy to cancel the broker's license even if he is only probated for a violation of his duties.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha will deliver this information.


Mr. Kim, who was scammed for charter rental in Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, only trusted the words of a realtor and signed the contract, but it turned out that the broker was also an accomplice.

[Mr. Kim / Victim of charter fraud: I just signed a contract with a real estate agent, but it really makes no sense that the realtor didn't know.


As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that 373 licensed real estate agents and brokerage assistants were involved in charter fraud.

Two out of 10 suspects play a large role as brokers or mediation assistants, making the punishment for them heavier.

Currently, qualifications are revoked only after being sentenced to prison for a violation of duty, but in the future, a 'one strike out' system will be introduced so that they can be canceled even if they are sentenced to probation.

In order to strengthen the realtor's responsibility, the lessor's credit information, tax and interest arrears, and the right to view the move-in unit are given, and the lessee is obliged to inform the lessee of what the jeonse tax rate is and when the fixed date is.

In addition, it was decided to include in the special agreement the contract, such as preventing the landlord from setting up a mortgage until the tenant receives a fixed date.

Tenants are allowed to check whether the broker has a history of suspension of business through the app.

However, under the current law, broker qualifications can be revoked only when the Licensed Realtor Act is violated, so brokers who have been punished for fraud under the Criminal Act cannot be filtered out.

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government has also released a safe charter app to prevent charter seekers from being fooled by scammers.

It tells you in advance how much the deposit for the house you are interested in is appropriate, and whether you can get a deposit insurance.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo tried this app himself and found out if there was anything that could be supplemented.


The biggest purpose of the safe charter app is to inform you of the proper charter price.

If I enter the address of the house I want to rent, the sales price for reference will come out like this.

After going through the identity verification process, enter the time of move-in and the expected deposit for the deposit, and then self-diagnose, you can check the appropriate deposit for the deposit and whether or not you can sign up for the guarantee.

Currently, only information on townhouses and multi-households in the metropolitan area can be checked, but in the future, the scope will be expanded to residential officetels and regional metropolitan cities.

I used the app to diagnose houses that were used for charter fraud.

A house in Namdong-gu, Incheon, which was purchased in 2020 by the 2400 organization reported by SBS.

At the time of the contract, the charter deposit of 226.6 million won exceeded the appropriate deposit range, and the result was that it was impossible to sign up for charter insurance.

It also comes with the number of cases in which the lessor of the house has had a warranty accident.

However, there are cases where charter fraud cannot be filtered out.

In a house in Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, in July of last year, the tenant paid 207 million won, the same as the house price, and was in danger of taking the deposit off the rent. .

Since it is a method of calculating the appropriate price by integrating the actual transaction price of the nearby area, there is a limit to properly capturing suspected charter fraud in areas where the actual transaction price has already been inflated due to charter fraud.

The authorities are in the position that it will get better when the real transaction inflated disappears as the number of charter fraud in the area decreases, but it goes against the purpose of the app of prevention and needs to be supplemented.

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So, let's summarize the government announcement today (2nd) with reporter Lee Hye-mi of the Ministry of Economy.

Q. Why did you say, "This year is the peak of damages from charter rentals?"

[Reporter Lee Hye-mi: The contracts that are suspected of being damaged by charter fraud are currently signed from 2019 to early last year.

Most of the time, when our contract expires and the landlord doesn’t return the deposit, then we know, “Oh, I’ve been harmed.” It will expire next year.

So, the government is also looking at this, at least until next year, the damage of charter fraud can continue to explode.


Q. What is the evaluation of the measures announced by the government?

[Reporter Lee Hye-mi: First of all, we are evaluating positively for the fact that a lot of prevention is included.

As non-capital gap investment or canned jeonse decreases and information about landlords is expanded and disclosed, it seems that existing risk contracts can be blocked in advance.

However, there are some points out that the measures that came out today are not enough for existing tenants, and there are also points like this. Isn't it possible, these concerns are coming out.


Q. Legislative discussions are slow, do you need additional measures?

[Reporter Lee Hye-mi: Among the things the government said while announcing the countermeasures today, it was mentioned that six laws need to be revised quickly.

In fact, even in the safe charter app we released today, the list of malicious lessors is in fact in a state where it is impossible to inquire, and the landlord's warranty accident history cannot be confirmed at this time without the consent of the person concerned.

All because the relevant laws have not been amended.

Since it may take a considerable amount of time to revise the relevant laws, we need to come up with more measures in the future on how to compensate for the damage that may occur during this period.


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