On the 1st, the Tokyo stock market and stock prices moved slightly.

▽The Nikkei average closing price on the 1st

is 27,346.88 yen, which is 19.77

yen higher than the closing price on January 31st.

It was 9 million shares.

Market participants “Increased view of reduction in interest rate hike”

The small price movement was due to the spread of a wait-and-see mood among investors ahead of the meeting to decide the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, which is the central bank of the United States, before dawn on the 2nd of Japan time.

With inflation in the United States showing signs of calming down, there is a growing view among market players that the range of interest rate hikes will be reduced to 0.25%.

However, the majority have already factored this in, and optimistic views have begun to emerge as to when the rate hike will turn to a rate cut, and that it may happen sooner than originally expected. The market is looking even further ahead.

It will be interesting to see what Chairman Powell says at the press conference.