, January 31st (Zuo Yuqing, Zhongxin Finance and Economics) The cumulative box office is 2.7 billion, the multi-platform score is the first, the top ten weekend box office in North America, and the top ten box office in the UK on the day of release... "The Wandering Earth 2" released during the Spring Festival, Many netizens exclaimed "killing crazy!"

  In the movie, the details of the plot sparked heated discussions; outside of the movie, "The Wandering Earth 2" also ushered in the "two-way rush" between Chinese science fiction movies and audiences: On January 30, the surrounding crowdfunding of "The Wandering Earth 2" produced by Saifan Science Fiction Space The progress exceeded 100 million yuan.

  The box office of 2.7 billion led to more than 100 million surrounding crowdfunding. "The Wandering Earth 2" showed the film industry and audience not only the ultimate romance of Chinese-style science fiction movies, but also the unlimited potential of the derivatives market.

Explosive orders of 100 million yuan, netizens called for "one household, one stupid"

  "The Wandering Earth 2", which was released during the Spring Festival, is undoubtedly one of the most discussed movies at present.

But for Sun Xue (pseudonym), who has already watched the movie for the second time, simply discussing the plot can no longer satisfy her love for "Little Broken Ball". The first time she learned that Saifan launched a genuine licensed product, she immediately chose place an order.

On January 31, the total amount of Taobao crowdfunding for the three peripheral products of "The Wandering Earth 2" has exceeded 120 million yuan.

The screenshot is from Taobao’s “Create Something New” platform.

  Sun Xue told Zhongxin Finance that she likes the mechanical dog Benben and the artificial intelligence MOSS in the movie very much, so she chose to buy the finished model.

"Actually, there is also an assembled version, but I don't know much about gluing, so I bought the finished product after much consideration." In the comment area of ​​Saifan's official blog, some netizens left a message saying that they bought the assembled version: "I want to be with my children. Assemble together."

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that Saifan, as the official licensee of "The Wandering Earth 2", has launched three crowdfunding products in addition to the "soft peripheral" spot such as badges and mouse pads: mechanical dog stupid, digital Life card and artificial intelligence MOSS.

Among them, the price of the cheapest MOSS assembly version is 148 yuan, and the most expensive stupid finished version is 488 yuan.

  Although the price is not cheap, fans still chose to "order with passion".

The actual amount of crowdfunding around "The Wandering Earth 2" quickly exceeded 10 million, and became the fastest film and television IP derivative to exceed 100 million.

In this regard, Sai Fan said that the amount of crowdfunding has far exceeded expectations, and he called on everyone to spend rationally.

  However, this failed to prevent netizens from "topping up". Many netizens expressed their hope to realize "one household, one stupid", and made suggestions for the surrounding design: "The design of the digital life card can be improved." "I also want a space elevator, Door frame robot!" Some netizens put forward more "hard core" peripheral needs: "Can there be exoskeleton armor?" Some fans bluntly said: "What we buy is not peripherals, but the future of Chinese science fiction!"

  "It is indeed a luxury to keep human beings rational." In this regard, some netizens borrowed lines from the movie to ridicule.

  On the evening of the 29th, Saifan, who had "exploded orders", had to issue an announcement on the cut-off of crowdfunding products, saying that due to the factory's production capacity this year, in order to maximize product quality and delivery cycle, it was finally decided to cut off the file after selling this year's production capacity. .

  On the 30th, after the sales of Saifan reached nearly 500,000 and the amount of crowdfunding exceeded 100 million, Sun Xue placed an order for a customized version of the digital life card again.

"Everyone is jokingly calling this a 'cyber urn', and I think I can also experience cyber romance." She told Zhongxin Finance and Economics that the product was completely sold out on the night when the order was placed.

  In addition to Saifan, XCMG and 52TOYS’ “Wandering Earth 2” genuine derivatives crowdfunding projects also far exceeded the target amount. The consumption "carnival" is continuing.

"The Wandering Earth 2" Poster

Is it still far from a domestic film and television IP from scratch to a theme park?

  The surrounding crowdfunding exceeds 100 million yuan. Why are consumers so willing to pay for "The Wandering Earth" this year?

  As an extension of IP, derivatives have always carried consumers' emotional consumption of IP and become an important income channel after IP is commercialized.

iResearch pointed out in a related report that the value of entertainment IP derivatives can not only expand the commercial realization ability, but also prolong the life cycle of IP and enrich the publicity channels of IP content.

  For a long time, foreign top IPs such as Marvel Universe, Disney, Harry Potter, etc. have had a profound impact on domestic consumers.

In recent years, domestic film and television IP has exploded, and excellent works have been released frequently, which has also stimulated the market for domestic IP derivatives. Young consumer groups are particularly generous in purchasing domestic IP derivatives.

  In July 2015, derivatives of the movie "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage" were launched on Taobao crowdfunding, raising more than 10 million yuan in one day, setting a new record for the amount of funds raised by Taobao crowdfunding entertainment projects; Two weeks after the release of "Fish Begonia", the total sales of its derivatives reached more than 50 million yuan, far exceeding its production cost of 30 million yuan; in 2018, the total crowdfunding of derivatives of "The Wandering Earth" was 7.69 million yuan; The Order of Mountains and Rivers, The Order of Chen Qing, Notes on Tomb Raiders, and White Snake 2: The Rise of the Green Snake have also ushered in hot sales of derivative products.

  However, compared with foreign top IPs, IPs such as "The Return of the Great Sage" lack continuity and stability, and the popularity of its derivatives is also like a "flash in the pan", and its vitality is not long-lasting.

Some people in the industry pointed out that the current domestic film and television IP derivatives market is still immature. In addition to the separation of the content side and the derivatives side, and the lack of diversification of derivatives, chaos such as infringement and piracy will also undermine the confidence of IP in the derivatives market.

  For example, the previously popular "Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes into the World", its peripheral sales plan failed to synchronize with the film's release, resulting in the fact that when the crowdfunding project was late, the market was already full of pirated copies.

There is still a long way to go for domestic IP if we want to align with the business models of Disney and Marvel and build a proficient whole industry chain.

  At present, the multi-batch crowdfunding products of "The Wandering Earth 2" have been sold out.

According to the delivery cycle announced by Saifan, all orders during the crowdfunding period will be delivered by the end of November this year at the latest.

Many netizens have begun to urge workers on Weibo: "The production line is going to explode!"

  However, in the face of such a huge order volume, there are many netizens who expressed concerns about Saifan's production capacity and quality control.

Sun Xue also has this idea: "Quality control has always been one of the problems in peripheral sales, especially this crowdfunding has a large number and batches. I hope the manufacturer can strictly control the quality."

  But there is no doubt that the excellent performance of the two consecutive films of "The Wandering Earth" has made many netizens have great hope for the vitality of its IP. Their consumer demand is not limited to buying peripheral models, there are A netizen said: "I hope one day I can go to the Wandering Earth theme park." (End)