The delivery company Delivery Hero announces that it will lay off 4 percent of its administrative workforce.

This corresponds to 156 digits.

The job cuts are likely to be a reaction to weakening demand due to the difficult economy.

In addition, Delivery Hero wants to make a profit this year for the first time across the group.

The step should help, the company said at the request of the FAZ: "The decision was made to create a leaner and more efficient organization." Affected employees should be financially supported "far beyond the legal requirements".

The "Spiegel" had previously reported about it.

A “small percentage” of jobs at headquarters had already been cut last November.

Shortly before, the Spanish subsidiary Glovo had also announced that 250 jobs would be cut.

This corresponds to 6.5 percent of the workforce.

Here, too, it mainly affected employees in administration.

Delivery Hero took over the Spanish company last year.

The acquisition raised doubts as to whether

Delivery Hero

can achieve its profitability goals.

Glovo is still making heavy losses.

"In the short term, the takeover has a negative effect, but it does not cause any real delay in achieving our profitability goals," co-founder and CEO Niklas Östberg told the FAZ last year

Östberg wants to make the German group operationally profitable in the course of the year.

In addition, in a Reuters interview last November, he signaled, among other things, that he would be withdrawing from some low-yield markets.