, Guangzhou, January 27th (Reporter Cai Minjie) With the smooth resumption of the cross-border water passenger transport routes suspended by Guangdong and Hong Kong for nearly three years, the Guangdong-Hong Kong cross-border passenger transport Co., Ltd. operated by Zhujiang Shipping Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong Waterway passenger routes have ushered in the peak of Spring Festival travel.

According to preliminary statistics, from the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush to January 27, the passenger volume of Guangdong-Hong Kong cross-border routes such as Zhongshan, Guangzhou Nansha, Shenzhen Airport, and Shenzhen Shekou exceeded 51,000.

  In order to better provide passengers with safe and convenient travel service guarantee, Zhujiang Passenger Transport has made pre-judgment preparations in advance, equipped conductors, updated the latest equipment such as code scanners, and reduced the waiting time of passengers during peak hours.

At the same time, considering the inconvenience of some passengers traveling with multiple large pieces of luggage, Zhujiang Passenger has also set up a luggage checking service at the terminal.

  Since Hong Kong and Macao gradually resumed inspection-free customs clearance on January 8, the Cotai Water Jet Hong Kong-Macau water passenger route managed by Zhujiang Shipping High-Speed ​​Ship Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhujiang Shipping in Hong Kong, has seen a gradual increase in passenger traffic after the resumption of service. And during the Spring Festival, the passenger flow peaked. As of January 24, there were nearly 150 flights on Hong Kong and Macau routes, with a peak day load factor of over 90%, and more than 34,000 passengers were safely carried.

  In order to meet the cross-border travel needs of Hong Kong and Macao passengers, Zhujiang High Speed ​​Shipping Company dynamically studies and judges changes in passenger flow, optimizes and adjusts passenger service arrangements in a timely manner, and arranges flight plans scientifically and rationally.

At the same time, in order to cope with the peak passenger flow during the Spring Festival, Zhujiang High-speed Ship arranged for the ship to complete the maintenance in advance to participate in the Spring Festival travel, and strengthened the dynamic adjustment of the flight according to the passenger volume, added night flights two weeks after the resumption of service, and at the same time dispatched some of the shore-based office buildings Personnel went to the front line for reinforcements, further improving the efficiency of passengers' rapid customs clearance and entry.

  In the next step, the Pearl River High-Speed ​​Ship will take the opportunity of the resumption of passenger numbers to strengthen work planning and enrich the travel needs of residents in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.