Gauthier Delomez, with AFP 5:40 p.m., January 27, 2023

The general manager of Maison 123, Axelle Mathery, is the guest of "La France moves" to discuss the sales period, ten days before the end of the winter period (January 11 - February 7).

At the microphone of Elisabeth Assayag, the leader draws up a first assessment in clear progress compared to last year.

They are not yet finished, but the 2023 version sales should see an upturn compared to the previous year.

In any case, this is the observation of Axelle Mathery, general manager of Maison 123. Guest Friday of the program

La France moves

, ten days before the end of the reduction period (January 11 - February 7), the boss of the women's ready-to-wear brand says that the sales "are the extension of our success, which we have known for more than a year".


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“We are at +14% growth over the first three weeks of sales compared to last year”, she specifies with Élisabeth Assayag.

"Unheard of" for Maison 123

According to the general manager, this increase "is mainly explained by a very sharp increase in traffic (traffic in stores, editor's note), at almost +19%. This is unheard of", admits Axelle Mathery, adding that " traffic was rather at half mast in retail (mass consumption editor's note)".

Good news for the manager, who makes 80% of her turnover directly in the store.

These green figures for the clothing brand are all the more good news, in a context marked by high inflation.

Especially since with private sales, sales are no longer the only event that allows consumers to benefit from attractive discounts.

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If Axelle Mathery's observation is shared by other ready-to-wear brands, this will turn the page on a disappointing exercise in 2022. The French Fashion Institute (IFM) had questioned professionals about the 15 first days of the summer sales period, which generally give the "the", and the balance sheet showed an average drop in sales of 4.5% compared to 2021. In January-February 2022, the generalization of telework due of the Omicron variant also weighed down the sales period.