Harsh statement from the CEOE against the Government.

The employers stand up to the "discredit and disqualification strategy" that businessmen are suffering after the harsh attacks directed from members of the Executive to the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig.

"In recent days, we have witnessed a series of statements by some political actors and even members of the Government, who have come to question the role of the business community with a direct attack that has come to be given its own name. ", starts the statement that the organization led by

Antonio Garamendi has just made public.

They refer, without making direct mention, to the general secretary of United We Can and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, who opened fire on the president of Mercadona last Saturday, whom he cited by name and surname to label him a

"ruthless capitalist"

. for being "filling their pockets" in this inflationary crisis that has skyrocketed the prices of the shopping cart.

The CEOE assures that the "attacks" received are "against all private initiatives."

"Against self-employed workers, merchants and farmers, small and medium-sized companies and, also, large companies. All of them are part of the business fabric and legitimately carry out their activity from the freedom of enterprise that the Spanish Constitution recognizes," the statement said.

In this sense, businessmen recall that the Constitution, in its article 38, protects the freedom of business within the framework of the market economy and requires the public authorities to guarantee and protect the necessary guarantees in their exercise.

"Ignorance of these minimum principles is incompatible with the exercise of a position in a State power", they


"CEOE deeply condemns and regrets the

unfair strategy of discrediting and discrediting

that Spanish businessmen and women businessmen are suffering, curiously intensified at the beginning of

the electoral year,

" continues the blunt letter from the employer, who considers "a serious mistake to direct the attention of public opinion towards businessmen, blaming them for certain economic problems", in what they consider to be

"a very dangerous strategy of a clearly populist nature".

The businessmen call on the Government to commit "to managing the most important problems that the Spanish economy is dragging along" and defend that companies are the engine of the economy, the generators of activity and employment, and that they are making an effort not to pass on the rise in production costs in its entirety in the final prices.

"Spanish businessmen deserve respect, far from the smears

we are witnessing," the business organization clinches to end a statement in which, however, they reach out to the government "to put aside the tension, which some it seems that they are searching, and face the current moment with moderation and a constructive spirit".

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