The production of raw milk, which is the raw material for milk and dairy products, is expected to decline next fiscal year, but industry groups are working to expand consumption, as there is a possibility that there will be a surplus of raw milk again during long holidays when school lunches are suspended. is.

"J Milk", an industry association for milk and dairy products, held a press conference on the 27th and announced the supply and demand outlook for raw milk for the next fiscal year.

According to this, the production volume of raw milk next year is expected to decrease by 1.3% from this year to 7.47 million tons, which is the second consecutive year below the previous year.

The main factors include the fact that an increasing number of dairy farmers have gone out of business due to financial difficulties such as soaring feed costs, and that the number of dairy cows has decreased due to a drop in demand.

However, during periods such as long holidays when school lunches are suspended, consumption may decline and there may be a surplus of raw milk again, so J Milk is working to expand consumption.

Masatoshi Uchihashi, Executive Director of J Milk, said, "Dairy farming is still in a difficult situation. We would like to strengthen the efforts of the entire industry to achieve a fundamental balance between supply and demand."