It was found that at least about 890 employees of Chubu Electric Power's subsidiaries and their contractors had committed similar fraud in a problem in which a major electric power company illegally browsed the customer information of competitors.

Two subsidiaries of Chubu Electric Power held a press conference on the 27th, and said that customer information managed by "Chubu Electric Power Power Grid", which is responsible for the power transmission and distribution division, was transferred to "Chubu Electric Miraise", which is responsible for retailing, and employees of subcontractors. I found out that I was browsing illegally.

What I was browsing was customer information of a competitor called "Shindenryoku", which included names and phone numbers.

Originally, this information had to be masked by the Chubu Electric Power Grid side on the system screen, but some of the information was not processed and could be viewed by employees of Chubu Electric Power Miraise and contractors. It means that it was possible.

It is said that at least 890 employees viewed the information, and that the viewed information was used to confirm the location of use when accepting electricity contracts.

So far, it has not been confirmed to be used for sales activities, but it is said that it will further investigate in the future.

Shigeyuki Usami, General Manager of Customer Service Division of "Chubu Electric Miraise", said at a press conference, "I deeply apologize for viewing and using information that should not be viewed. We will strive to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence. I apologized.