The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that recently, the State Post Bureau announced the top 50 cities with express delivery business volume.

  Jinhua (Yiwu), Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jieyang, Hangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Shantou, Suzhou and Quanzhou are among the top ten.

  This ranking is similar to the overall situation of the national express delivery business volume this year.

According to the State Post Bureau, in 2022, the proportion of express delivery business in the eastern, central and western regions will be 76.8%, 15.7% and 7.5%, respectively, and the proportion of business income will be 77.6%, 13.4% and 9.0% respectively.

  The express business volume of Jinhua (Yiwu) has ranked first for three consecutive years.

  From 2015 to 2016, the volume of express delivery in Jinhua (Yiwu) City was still hovering at the sixth place in the country. Since 2017, its express delivery business volume has accelerated growth. By 2020, it will surpass Guangzhou and rank first in the country with 9.01 billion pieces. Consecutive topped the list.

In 2022, the express business volume of Jinhua (Yiwu) will increase by more than 2.8 billion pieces compared with 2020.

  Among them, Yiwu's express delivery business accounts for a very high proportion.

According to Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration, Yiwu's express business volume will reach 9.296 billion pieces in 2022, which is nearly 80% of Jinhua (Yiwu) city as a whole.

  Yiwu is originally the "small commodity capital of the world". In recent years, it has made great efforts to transform to e-commerce.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that Jieyang, a small city in eastern Guangdong, which ranked sixth in the country in terms of express delivery business volume last year, has risen to fourth in the country this year, surpassing Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Shantou City, which is also located in eastern Guangdong, has also risen from the eleventh in the country in 2021 to the eighth in the country this year.

  It is understood that the light industries in Jieyang and Shantou are well developed.

Jieyang's advantageous industries such as hardware and stainless steel, textiles and clothing, and shoemaking have developed prominently. It is "China's Hardware Base City", "China's Textile Industry Base City" and "China's Plastic Fashion Shoes Capital".

Shantou has a 100-billion-level textile and garment industry and is China's largest underwear production base. Shantou's creative toy industry is also its dominant traditional industry and has maintained steady growth.

  In addition to their own advantages and accumulation, the reason why Jieyang and Shantou surpass Shanghai, Hangzhou and other big cities may also be related to the transfer of orders.

According to China Business News, in 2022, large cities in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, such as Guangzhou and Shanghai, will be greatly affected by the epidemic, and some of the original orders in these regions will also be transferred to small and medium-sized cities such as Jieyang and Shantou that are less affected by the epidemic; in recent years In the future, part of the light industry will be transferred to Jieyang and other prefecture-level cities, which will help reduce various costs such as logistics, production, and warehousing.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily - Red Star News reporter Yu Yao and Zhang Luxi