The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit has arrived, and the "Spring Festival stalls" of the catering industry have ushered in fireworks. Both dine-in and take-out in Chengdu are booming.

  The popularity of New Year's Eve dinner reservations means that the catering industry will kick off the recovery with the "Spring Festival stalls", and "eating New Year's Eve dinner outside" has become one of the focuses of Chengdu citizens.

  According to the statistics of Chengdu Food Culture Exchange and Innovation Center, the traffic flow of 30 stores of 20 catering brands in the city increased by more than 210% year-on-year from the 30th of the Lunar New Year to the fourth day of the first lunar month. A hot pot restaurant in Taikoo Li even set a record of 4,000 daily orders highest level.

  New Year's Eve dinner:

  There is a hot pot restaurant

  The highest record of daily queuing orders

  After ten o'clock in the morning on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, there was an endless stream of reservation calls for private restaurants in Xuanxuan Xiaoyuan, Kuanzhai Alley, Chengdu.

  According to statistics from the Chengdu Food Culture Exchange and Innovation Center, this year’s Spring Festival has a grand return to the catering consumption scene, and both dine-in and take-out are booming.

From New Year's Eve to the fourth day of the first lunar month, 30 stores of 20 catering brands in the city achieved a sales revenue of 6.706 million and a passenger flow of more than 7,300.

  Among them, Dalongyi, Shu Daxia, Dayiao, Xiaoya, Fanfang, Xiaolongkan, Wenyazi in Qinglongchang, Wuyuan, Yuanbali, Daronghe, Hongxing, Old House, Quanjude, Kongganfan, etc. Catering companies, Xuanxuan Courtyard, Ganshiji and other urban scenic spots and supermarket catering companies have greatly surpassed the level of the same period. Taikoo Li Houtang Hot Pot even hit a record high of 4,000 orders per day (the previous high was 2019 The daily average of 2337 orders per year).

Sichuan's Tianfu New District, Xinjin, Jintang and other suburban areas are actively carrying out various New Year activities such as "Grand Temple Fair" and "Lantern Festival", which has driven the sales of catering in nearby areas to increase by about 30% compared with last year's Spring Festival.

  "The catering industry has ushered in the booming Spring Festival, and it is expected that the popularity of this stock will continue until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month." Zhang Jiao, secretary-general of Sichuan Tianfu 24 Food Culture Exchange Center and Chengdu Food Culture Exchange and Innovation Center, told reporters.

  twin engine:

  Dine-in and local consumption of foreign tourists

  Promote catering recovery

  During the Spring Festival in recent years, the term "reverse Chinese New Year" has been frequently mentioned. Many young people working in other places do not return to their hometowns, but their relatives come to the city where they work to celebrate the New Year.

Combined with the data of Meituan, since New Year's Day, the number of online dine-in orders by tourists from other places has increased by more than 147% month-on-month, and tourists from other places are more willing to "reverse the Chinese New Year".

  Behind the hot trend of catering in Chengdu is the joint realization of dine-in food by tourists from other places and local consumption. Together, the two have become the twin engines for the recovery of catering consumption in Chengdu.

The most popular place for tourists from other places to check in is Sichuan cuisine restaurant. Sichuan hot pot and Chongqing hot pot are also very popular, and the search volume has more than doubled from the previous month.

Of course, Sichuan cuisine is also a favorite of local consumers, followed by Southeast Asian cuisine and fusion barbecue.

  The reporter noticed that not only offline, but also on Dianping, Chengdu netizens paid a lot of attention to "eating New Year's Eve dinner outside".

The data shows that the search volume of keywords such as "New Year's Eve Restaurant" and "New Year's Eve Dinner Reservation" increased by more than 124% week-on-week. 8 people, 8-10 people have the most demand for reservations for large family packages.

Under the new consumption trend of online table reservations, many restaurants have opened the mobile phone reservation function for the New Year’s Eve dinner table, and “moved” places suitable for family gatherings such as large table meals and private rooms for multiple people to the Meituan App and Dianping App .

During the Chinese New Year, tens of thousands of catering businesses in Chengdu have launched "Dine-in is not closed during the Spring Festival", providing tourists from other places and local residents with many choices for catering consumption.

  wind vane:

  bacon hooks

  Became Sichuan's "New Year's Flavor Vane"

  Bacon is made in the south and dumplings are made in the north. The economy of local special New Year goods accelerates the recovery of the consumer market during the Spring Festival, bringing a lot of "firework".

Eating New Year's Eve dinner in Sichuan, what are the characteristics of this year's Spring Festival?

  According to data from retail platforms, the prefabricated dishes in the New Year’s Eve dinner are favored by young people and family consumers because they save time, effort, and “stable performance”.

Statistics show that sales of prepared dishes such as sweet and sour pork tenderloin, lion head, and niannianyou eight-treasure rice have risen rapidly.

In the past week, the keyword search volume of "New Year's Eve dinner takeaway" increased by 4 times compared with last year, and the keyword search volume of "New Year's Eve dinner reservation" increased by 2 times compared with last year.

  Of course, no matter where you eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, the flavor of the New Year for Chengdu people starts with a bite of bacon.

Throughout Sichuan, bacon hooks can be said to have become an authentic "New Year's flavor vane".

Chengdu, Mianyang, Yibin, Dazhou, Luzhou, Guang'an, Nanchong, Ziyang, Leshan and other 14 Sichuan cities are on the list of TOP 20 bacon linked sales. In the past two weeks, the sales volume of "bacon linked" has increased by 150% month-on-month.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily - Red Star News reporter

  Dai Jiajia