Banks confirmed that the service can only be completed by observing them

8 controls for depositing cash and checks using the "automated teller machine"

Banks confirmed that the check or money is returned to the customer immediately if the rules are not observed.


Banks have identified eight basic controls and rules that customers must strictly follow when they wish to deposit cash or checks in bank accounts, or to pay credit cards, etc., using ATMs.

According to what the banks have published on their websites, these controls include the following: not entering banknotes with a rubber band, as well as not entering banknotes with a paper clip, and not entering cash other than the UAE dirham.

The controls also include not entering a five-dirham banknote or coins, in addition to not entering torn or folded banknotes.

The controls also include not entering banknotes entwined with pins, in addition to not entering banknotes with ink stains, in addition to not entering a torn or folded check.

Careful and accurate

And the banks indicated that ATMs do not accept any money or checks unless they observe all those rules and controls, noting that the check or money is returned to the customer immediately in the event that the rules are not observed.

Banks called on customers to exercise caution and accuracy when dealing with ATMs, as they are monitored with cameras, in addition to the need for the customer not to reveal his banking data while setting the account number, password, or any protection details for his money.

wide network

The banks operating in the country have an extensive ATM network, which is the largest in the region, and is spread in separate places at the state level, providing its services around the clock.

According to the latest statistics of the Central Bank, the number of ATMs at the end of the third quarter of last year reached 4,376 machines.

Banks provide about 80% of their banking services through ATMs for free and quickly, where all bills can be paid and liabilities can be paid in addition to withdrawing and depositing cash, as well as depositing checks, opening bank accounts, applying for financing and obtaining the salary provided in advance, in addition to updating data and requesting a checkbook. In addition to the possibility of transferring money within the country, and other services.


In its latest report, the Central Bank said that technological and structural developments in the financial sector have led to an increase in access to mobile banking applications and banking services via the Internet, as well as ease of use of ATMs.


Although banks closed a large number of ATMs over the past five years, in conjunction with the shift towards smart services via phone and bank websites, a large segment of dealers still prefer to deal through them, so banks are keen to provide their services through these machines and guarantee Spread in an easily accessible manner, whether in public places or commercial centers, in addition to those located at the entrances of branches and main headquarters of banks.

The 8 controls

■ Do not insert banknotes with a rubber band.

■ Avoid using banknotes with a paper clip.

■ Do not enter a currency other than the UAE dirham.

■ Not to use five-dirham banknotes or coins.

■ Torn or folded banknotes are not allowed.

■ Do not insert banknotes clipped with staples.

■ Do not insert banknotes with ink stains on them.

■ Not entering a torn or folded check.

Interactive teller machines

Recently, a number of banks have provided interactive teller machines that provide services to the customer with audio and video and answer various inquiries.

These interactive devices are unique, with the ability to deposit 25 checks in a single transaction, in addition to the ability to withdraw cash up to 100 thousand dirhams, in addition to other basic services available.

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