There are many people who worry about turning on the boiler because heating costs have risen so much these days.

Then, how to save even a little bit of heating costs, reporter Kim Kwan-jin found out how to save money with an expert.


Completed in 1986, this apartment has central heating.

Since hot water for heating is supplied to individual households from the central boiler room of the apartment, the heat loss rate is high.

[Yeo Ji-hye/Seongdong-gu, Seoul: Since the children are cold, they are wearing warm layers of clothes at home, and (heating costs) came out about 150,000 won more than last month...


In this case, it is helpful to turn off the hot water valve for heating to the less used room.

It increases the heating efficiency by circulating more hot water to other rooms.


. It can prevent heat loss from escaping.

In the district heating system, where hot water for heating is supplied 24 hours a day, you can set the desired temperature with the room temperature controller.

Reducing the room temperature by just one degree can reduce heating costs by 7%.

When leaving the house for two or three hours, it is better to set the boiler to 2-3 degrees lower than usual instead of going out mode.



If you use a humidifier together with heating, the heat will circulate efficiently and evenly throughout the house by riding on the water vapor.

If your heating bill is excessively higher than your neighbour's, you should check your water meter components for damage.

(Video coverage: Foreground Bae, Video editing: Kim Jong-mi)