On January 24th, on the third day of the Lunar New Year, in the strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival, "Forge ahead on a new journey 2023 China Internet Audio-Visual Annual Ceremony" was officially broadcast.

The grand ceremony is guided by the State Administration of Radio and Television, hosted by the China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association and the China Television Art Committee, and co-organized by 18 leading platforms in the online audiovisual industry including Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, Mango TV, and Douyu.

  The theme of this grand ceremony is "Strive for a New Journey", and it is structurally divided into "a prologue and five chapters", namely "Embracing New Era", "Co-painting New Picture Scroll", "Chasing Dreams New Life", "Dazzling Motion". "New National Style", "Struggle New Youth", "Sail New Journey", nearly 50 wonderful programs participated by more than 800 cast and crew, focus on "replaying" the classic works of online audio-visual masterpieces created in the past year, fully showing In the new era, the vigorous development of the online audio-visual industry provides the audience with an audio-visual feast with the main theme, positive energy, down-to-earth, and high-flow.

  Douyu, as the only selected live broadcast platform this year, joined hands with host channel game anchor Yinzi, music channel anchor and well-known musician Angang Xiaofa (hereinafter referred to as: Anang) to bring an original ancient song "Storyteller", attracting many fans (It also refers to players or fans who play games with the anchor) poured into Douyu's official No. 6 live broadcast room to join in the grand ceremony.

performance scene

Collision between traditional national quintessence and modern fashion

  "Let's look at his eloquent mouth and the dust on his clothes, but he turned out to be a storyteller from the rivers and lakes." At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, two "storytellers" Yinzi and Angang took the stage and sang.

Holding a folding fan in his hand, Yinzi swayed freely with a calm and free voice, playing a guitar secretly, and narrated in a warm and delicate tone.

The two anchors combined traditional storytelling skills with modern music to vividly render the martial arts atmosphere of "the loyalty of the rivers and lakes and the love of children", and interpreted the spiritual core of "the great chivalrous man serves the country and the people" with a unique charm.

  The song "Storyteller" sang all kinds of things in the world, and also sang the life feelings of the two anchors; it not only sang about the difficulties of real life, but also sang about the freedom and ease after facing positively.

Before the age of 34, Yinzi’s life was full of ups and downs, with countless “unsuccessful industries” until he became an anchor. Because of his unique style and eloquence, he quickly became popular and became a well-known game anchor on the Internet.

The independent musician An Gang also let more people hear his music through live broadcasting.

"I think live broadcasting is more like a way of life for me in music," An Gang said.

During the live broadcast of Douyu, they became friends at first sight, and then sang the popular song "Storyteller", which became popular all over the country.

  On the night of the grand ceremony, the barrage in Douyu No. 6 live broadcast room was very lively. My favorite anchor appeared on the big stage, and water friends came to support and write New Year wishes.

This harmonious and warm community culture creates a Chinese New Year atmosphere with the characteristics of the Internet era.

The new national style stage interprets the martial arts dream of the new era

  Accompanied by the energetic appearances of the martial arts actors of Peking Opera, the music performance of "The Storyteller" ushered in a climax.

On the national style stage with black and red elements as the main color, the vigorous lyrics of traditional calligraphy and the cool visual effects of the LED screen complement each other, creating a fusion and collision of traditional Chinese quintessence and modern pop music.

  Douyu's main creative team introduced: "In terms of program expression, we proposed forms such as arranging large-scale singing and dancing, or combining singers with group dances, etc., and finally decided to invite Peking Opera martial arts actors to perform songs in the popular style of the new national style." Team While overcoming difficulties such as online collaboration among actors, director teams, and producers, he conducted multiple program exchanges with the producers of the ceremony, smoothly promoted the program preparation, and strived to present the best broadcast effect, while strengthening the expression of the artistic conception of the lyrics. At the same time, it added exciting highlights to the stage of the hosts.

  With the song "Storyteller", Douyu hopes to encourage more anchors to always have a chivalrous spirit, keep in mind the social responsibilities of public figures, turn traffic into positive energy, and become new anchors in the new era.

I pay tribute to every struggler who can realize his own life value through unremitting individual struggle.

  The end of the song, a new journey.

The main creative team of Douyu said: In the future, Douyu will continue to use the influence of the platform to practice corporate social responsibility, and will stick to the original intention of the platform to help more ordinary people pursue their dreams and build their dreams. You and my fighting spirit.

We also welcome more users to come to the live broadcast room of the Douyu platform to display their talents, express themselves, and become "storytellers" of excellent content and the spirit of the times.