Small commodities with rabbit elements are in short supply, and digital collections with the theme of rabbits in the zodiac emerge in endlessly

  Which rabbit is the most out of the circle for Spring Festival consumption?

  The tiger goes to the rabbit, and in various cultural and creative products celebrating the Spring Festival, the rabbit element is gradually reaching a climax.

Compared with previous years, this year's zodiac rabbit products with cute pet characteristics are more colorful.

Small commodities with rabbit elements in Yiwu are in short supply and are sold all over the world; various wineries have launched "zodiac wine" to focus on wine culture; while major Internet companies and financial institutions have brought rabbit culture into the metaverse, various digital collections with the theme of zodiac rabbits The popular rabbit collections are sold out in seconds.

  "Rabbit elements" small commodities sell well

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw in many supermarkets and stores that the zodiac rabbit has become the mascot of many businesses.

Dragon dancing rabbits, aerospace rabbits, wishful rabbits, lucky bag rabbits, drumming rabbits, all kinds of small ornaments and small commodities are in short supply and are very popular among consumers.

It is understood that many of these small ornaments with rabbit elements are produced in Yiwu.

According to a merchant in Yiwu Commodity City, a month ago he launched 40 festive plush toy rabbits one after another, and the factory has also started mass production. Plush toys, small ornaments and stationery with rabbit elements are very popular. Consumers at home and abroad love it.

  The jewelry industry is one of the pillar industries in Yiwu.

This year, Yiwu's jewelry industry is closely integrated with rabbit elements, and many rabbit-shaped accessories have been designed, which have achieved good sales.

According to a merchant in Yiwu Commodity City, after the World Cup in Qatar, the theme of their production and sales has become rabbit-related products.

"Business is very good this year. We have stocked up to tens of millions of goods and received orders from all over the world. Some of the most popular products have been replenished for five or six batches and are still being replenished. Our workers are working overtime."

  According to reports, this year's zodiac rabbit products have also produced a lot of explosions on the Internet.

According to the operator of Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City, there are about 50 or 60 styles of new rabbits released this year, and there are about a dozen styles of products that are currently hot.

  Zodiac Wine Limited Edition

  Up to now, wine companies such as Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Yanghe, Langjiu, and Gujing Gongjiu have launched wine products for the Year of the Rabbit.

  Yutu·Ruiying Kweichow Moutai Zodiac series includes Moutai Zodiac Wine, Guizhou Daqu Zodiac Wine, Moutai Prince Zodiac Wine and other products.

Kweichow Moutai Zodiac Wine combines Zodiac culture, Five Elements culture, ink painting, and calligraphy art into one, bringing an immersive cultural experience to every taster.

  In addition to integrating cultural concepts into the exterior design, limited release and focus on scarcity are also the marketing themes chosen by many Chinese zodiac wines for the Year of the Rabbit.

For example, Wuliang Luxiang · Guimao Zodiac Wine for the Year of the Rabbit is limited to 99,999 bottles.

All products have one bottle, one certificate, exclusive number, and are equipped with a collection certificate.

On December 1, 2022, the zodiac version of the zodiac version of the Year of the Rabbit, "Yuan Yuan Gu 20", will be released online for the first time, with a limited edition of 22,999 bottles, and each bottle comes with a special collection card.

Langjiu released 3 kinds of Maotu Yingfu Wine (Limited Edition for the Year of the Rabbit), Qinghua Langjiu (Limited Edition for the Year of the Rabbit), and Honghualang Wine (Limited Edition for the Year of the Rabbit). The commemorative wine for the Year of the Rabbit has an exclusive independent collection certificate and number for each bottle. The total distribution is the same as that of the commemorative wine for the Year of the Tiger in Renyin. Only one batch is produced and sold in limited quantities.

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that some red wine companies have also launched Zodiac wine this year.

For example, Great Wall Five Star launched the 2023 Guimao Year of the Rabbit commemorative wine.

It is understood that the Great Wall Five Star 2023 Guimao Year of the Rabbit zodiac wine is sold in limited quantities, and each bottle has an independent number.

  Museums borrow digital collections out of the circle

  In addition to major merchants this year, major domestic museums, art galleries, and cultural and creative institutions have also entered the "rabbit" cultural industry with the help of digital collections.

On the digital collection platform, the Baoji Bronze Ware Museum launched the "Jade Rabbit of the Western Zhou Dynasty"; the Hunan Museum launched the "Sapphire Tiger Town"; The Nanyue King Museum launched the "Crouching Tiger Pillow with Black and Brown Color Goose and Rabbit Pattern"; the Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute launched the "Dunhuang Jubilee Rabbit"; the Xu Beihong Art Museum launched "Tiger and Rabbit"; Hunan Museum launched the " "Moon palace pattern with frame mirror" and dozens of "rabbit-like" digital collections such as rabbit-shaped jade ornaments in the Southern Song Dynasty, three-color pottery pillows with Liao rabbit patterns, jade rabbit Chaoyuan Taohe inkstone, rogue rabbit rich series blind boxes, etc.

These digital collections of rabbit elements are popular with many digital collectors.

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that many financial institutions have also issued digital collections of rabbit elements this year to send blessings.

The "Use UnionPay to receive Baifu" series of digital collections issued by China UnionPay was watched by many users as soon as it went online, and all 300,000 copies of the word "Fu" were collected in less than two days.

China UnionPay also launched the "Five Rabbits Welcome Spring" digital collection, which designed five different images of rabbits with the themes of aerospace, sea and land Silk Road, agriculture, industry, and sports.

  Digital collections have successfully "broken the circle".

Wang Pengbo, a senior analyst in the financial industry at Broadcom Analysis, said that digital collections are currently receiving widespread attention, being novel and popular, with the attributes of low cost and self-contained gifts, and they are a new way and bridge for merchants to interact with customers.

  Text/Reporter Zhu Kaiyun

  Coordinator/Yu Meiying

  Photo courtesy/Xinhua News Agency