Science and Technology Daily reporter Ma Aiping

  On New Year's Eve on January 21, China Central Radio and Television's "2023 Spring Festival Gala" accompanied Chinese people all over the world to sow the seeds of hope for the Year of the Rabbit and usher in a new year with warm spring and blossoming flowers.

  Various programs such as singing and dancing, cross talk, skits, opera, martial arts, acrobatics, and children's programs are jointly presented by new technologies such as intelligent accompanying, VR three-dimensional rendering, 8K ultra-high-definition, three-dimensional colorful sound, and vertical screen multi-screen. One showcasing the theme of happiness, confidence, forging ahead and hard work, and praising the Spring Festival Gala of "a thriving new era of China, a better life with each passing day".

  This year’s Spring Festival Gala, the headquarter once again made a breakthrough in technological innovation and application, achieving multiple “firsts”: the first live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala with “8K ultra-high-definition + three-dimensional brilliant sound”; The audio signal of the Spring Festival Gala is produced by using 3D sound to restore the sound effect of the Spring Festival Gala to the greatest extent and create an immersive effect; the VR 3D image rendering technology also debuted on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, and the audience can enjoy the real-time rendering of 3D images by VR painters. build process.

  VR 3D image rendering technology made its debut on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala

  The creative program "When the "God Beast" Meets the God Beast" uses new technologies such as VR three-dimensional rendering to allow the ancient gods and beasts to "walk out" of ancient literature and ancient books, and have a wonderful encounter with children in modern life.

  VR three-dimensional image rendering technology debuted on the stage of this year's Spring Festival Gala.

"The VR three-dimensional image rendering technology was developed according to the program design. Because of the program requirements, the research and development of this technology was promoted. At the same time, this technology also supported the innovation of program interactive forms and presentation methods. In the children's creative show program, When drawing three-dimensional images, VR painters need to hold electronic brushes and wear VR glasses.” Jiang Wenbo, a member of the editorial meeting of China Central Radio and Television, introduced that VR painters can choose colors and brushwork through the buttons on the electronic brushes, and can view them in real time through VR glasses. 3D image rendering effect.

The 3D images drawn by VR painters are processed by the rendering and synthesis server, and then superimposed on the large TV screen in real time for wonderful presentation. The audience can simultaneously watch the 3D images of phoenixes and unicorns drawn by VR painters.

  XR fusion of reality and reality creates a lifelike virtual stage space

  The martial arts in the world come out of Shaolin, which is as powerful and majestic as a swimming dragon. Martial arts "Yuan Wu" is like walking into the century-old painting "Wu Monk Yan Wu Tu". The moves are strong and powerful, and the wonderful moments of the thousand-year-old temple are frozen. The fusion of modern technology and traditional martial arts, Xingyiquan, Liuhequan and other intangible cultural heritage martial arts will bring you back to the thousand-year-old Shaolin dream.

  A song "Hundred Birds Returning to Their Nests" lights up the cultural treasures of the millennium intangible cultural heritage, reproduces the auspicious scene of a hundred birds flying and playing, and revitalizes the sound of the millennium silk and bamboo.

  In the dance "Bridge of Ik Steps", swaying girls cross the stream, and the charm of the Jiangnan water town is coming, making people feel like they are in the water environment of the south of the Yangtze River.

  The torch is passed on from generation to generation.

Three generations of opera talents, old, middle-aged and young, gathered together to compose "Hua Cai Li Yuan".

Among them, Puxian Opera, one of the oldest surviving intangible cultural heritage, made its debut on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The exquisite and delicate techniques and footwork all show the unique charm of ancient operas.

Virtual technology builds a three-dimensional "big stage" to realize the collision and fusion of traditional culture and modern aesthetics.

  This year's Spring Festival Gala adopts XR virtual reality fusion ultra-high-definition production technology to create a lifelike virtual stage space, allowing time and space to travel more freely.

  "This year's Spring Festival Gala, a set of XR virtual reality fusion ultra-high-definition production system was deployed in the Spring Festival Gala studio hall. In the song and dance program, the images of each scene were rendered in real time according to the XR tracking module data and camera lens parameters, and output to the ultra-high-definition large screen of the Spring Festival Gala stage. screen to create a virtual stage space." Jiang Wenbo said.

  5G cloud connection realizes singing a song at the same time inside and outside the Spring Festival Gala

  From the winter jasmine flower market in Guangzhou to the field of wild chrysanthemums, from the bonsai on the balcony to the flower fields in Yunnan, from the rice flowers to the intangible cultural heritage flowers, from the water film flowers of the Chinese space station to the "full garden" composed of stars... With the cheerful music Sounding, the Malan Flower Children's Choir, Beijing Philharmonic Choir and the Guoguo Choir from Zhongba Village, Xide County, Daliangshan, who participated in the performance of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, sang "Flowers Bloom and Plant Flowers" together , to send sincere and pure New Year blessings to the audience.

  In the song "Hello, Stranger", there are Abdugapal Mengde, a cart cart uncle in Xinjiang, Long Jie, a young firefighter in Chongqing, and a mother and son who move stools for workers sheltering from the rain... These "warm strangers" are not easy to get along with Mao Singing in the air, the harmony and warmth heal people's hearts.

Every gleam has color, and every touch has power.

  "This year's Spring Festival Gala invites audiences from all over the country to participate in the 'cloud chorus' performance. Through the CMG media cloud and 5G network of the main station, the audience's singing scenes are transmitted to the Spring Festival Gala studio to sing the same song together. In addition, CMG media cloud rendering is used module, and through three-dimensional virtual production means, deconstruct and reshape the stage elements of the Spring Festival Gala, and generate real-time broadcast videos of singers singing outside the venue." Jiang Wenbo said.

  On New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival Gala accompanied hundreds of millions of viewers to celebrate the new year. The application of a series of hard-core technologies brought the audience a wonderful and shocking audio-visual experience.

  "This year's Spring Festival Gala uses a lot of new technologies such as 4K/8K, AI, XR, and continues to promote the integration and innovation of 'ideas + art + technology', and presents a thoughtful, artistic, ornamental, and technologically-sounding Spring Festival Gala to Chinese people around the world." Dinner'." Jiang Wenbo said.