(New Year's walk to the grassroots) "Reunion tour" shows the New Year's style Heilongjiang ice and snow tourism market is warming up

  Chinanews.com, Harbin, January 22, title: "Reunion tour" shows the new spring style, and the Heilongjiang ice and snow tourism market is warming up

  Chinanews reporter Wang Lin

  "This rabbit snow sculpture is a family, and we are also a family. We are reunited and take a picture together." In the frosty winter of Harbin, citizen Li Chunjiang and his family took pictures in front of the "Happy Year of the Rabbit" snow sculpture at the Sun Island Snow Expo.

"Go home for the New Year and enjoy the Longjiang River" is the New Year style of Heilongjiang, a large province in northern China, in the Year of the Rabbit.

  On the 22nd, the reporter investigated the Heilongjiang tourism market and learned that the 2022-2023 ice and snow season coincides with the "post-Winter Olympics era" and the superimposed benefits of the optimization of epidemic prevention policies.

Travelers returning home, the Spring Festival that crosses the north and the south, "encountering" ice and snow, and family outings have made travel orders in Heilongjiang, the "Crown of Ice and Snow" during the Spring Festival doubled week-on-week.

Photo courtesy of Harbin Ice and Snow World, a national karaoke competition held at Ice and Snow World on New Year’s Eve

  "Happy Chinese New Year, here are the 'dumplings on the train' prepared for you." The train conductor in red uniform handed hot dumplings to the passengers, and the Spring Festival couplets added to the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival carriage.

The high-cold intelligent EMUs of Fuxing in the northernmost alpine region of China went to and from Harbin Station smoothly. The EMUs arranged for the operation of Haqi, Hamu, Mujia high-speed railways and Hajia railways on the eve of the Spring Festival to increase the return transport capacity.

  "Harbin, I'm back!" Citizen Wang Lu landed in Harbin before the New Year's Eve, and the mood of going home for the New Year made her walk fast.

According to data from Harbin Airport, during the Spring Festival Golden Week (January 21-27), Harbin Airport is expected to operate more than 2,800 flights and transport 350,000 passengers.

Residents of Xuexiang place frozen dumplings Photo by Sun Tingyi

  The "reunion tour" is hot, and the ice and snow tourism market in Heilongjiang is warming up.

According to Meituan data analysis: "Family travel together" is a new feature of reunion consumption during the Spring Festival this year.

A few years ago, there was a phased outbreak of reunion trips back home; after the next year, it is expected to usher in a small peak of local and surrounding tourism consumption.

Since January, the popularity of family rooms and parent-child rooms in Harbin has increased by 123% month-on-month.

  Meituan data shows that during the Spring Festival, travel orders (including air tickets, train tickets, scenic spot tickets, hotels) destined for Heilongjiang Province increased by 194% week-on-week.

Among them, tourism orders with the destination of Harbin accounted for 80%.

Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sophia Church, Harbin Polar Park, China Snow Town and other places are very hot.

The eldest girl put on a flowered jacket and took a group photo in Xuexiang Photo by Sun Tingyi

  "Auspicious snow heralds a good year", ice and snow create a unique "atmosphere for the New Year" in Heilongjiang.

As the birthplace of Chinese ice lantern art, Harbin Ice Lantern Art will celebrate its 60th birthday in 2023.

Walking in the streets and alleys of the ice city, you can see ice and snow sculptures in the shape of rabbits such as big ice rabbits and snow rabbits everywhere, accompanying tourists to "jump and jump" to welcome the new year.

  On January 21, New Year's Eve, the reporter felt the low temperature of -32°C and the warmth of thousands of lights in the urban area of ​​Harbin.

The world of ice and snow is colder than the urban area, but tourists celebrate New Year's Eve enthusiastically in the ice and snow. The "ice and snow version" of national K songs kicked off, and the contestants sang and danced with their relatives and friends.

Ring the bell of the century to welcome the new year, tie the wishing red silk under the blessing tree, and tourists enjoy the unique ice and snow festival of the ice city.

  The reporter visited Harbin Ice and Snow World several times a year ago, and Sun Zemin, the head of the marketing department, was always busy with the peak passenger flow. He said: "This Spring Festival is very popular, with an average of more than 10,000 people entering the park every day. It is expected to usher in the peak on the third and fourth day of the first month of the lunar calendar." He pointed to the newly-built Snowflake Ferris Wheel and said that many parents brought their children here for a test ride experience.

When the family gets together, it is a happy reunion year.

Snow Town Night Scene in Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit Photo by Sun Tingyi

  In the early morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, the reporter made a video connection to China Snow Town, which is more than 300 kilometers away from Harbin. The red lanterns are set against the white snow, and frozen pears, frozen dumplings, candied haws and other New Year's goods are sold on Xueyun Street.

More than 5,000 tourists spent New Year's Eve here, the largest number since the outbreak in three years.

The source of tourists includes Heilongjiang, as well as Shanghai, Yunnan, Guangdong, Henan and other provinces, and almost all "families travel together".

  Li Yanlin, the person in charge of the homestay, shared a New Year greeting video in her circle of friends. She held a lantern and held the word "Fu" and said: "Linzi Cottage in Xuexiang, China, wishes the people all over the country!" Her homestay is full, and several families are here to celebrate the New Year .

She sent a WeChat voice message to the reporter and said: "Xuexiang has a strong New Year flavor, and tourists from all over the world like it. In the three years since the epidemic, this year is the most popular. Seeing this lively scene, we are full of hope for the new year." (Finish)