(New Year's News) Zhejiang Cultural Tourism Observation: With the recovery of cultural tourism, can the hotel industry return to the past?

  Chinanews.com, Hangzhou, January 21st, title: (New Year’s news) Zhejiang Cultural Tourism Observation: With the recovery of cultural tourism, can the hotel industry return to the past?

  Reporter Tong Xiaoyu

  80% of rooms are booked on popular dates, and room prices are also steadily rising.

This data makes Li Ping, general manager of Zhejiang Hangzhou Xuanhe Hotel Management Co., Ltd. both unfamiliar and familiar.

As tourists continue to return, she believes that the "good start" is not far away.

  As the first Spring Festival holiday to bid farewell to "Chinese New Year in situ", the 2023 Spring Festival tourism market continues to heat up, and the Spring Festival hotels in many popular destinations have increased in volume and price.

  According to data from Meituan, as of January 16, the order volume has increased by more than 100% compared with last year's Spring Festival.

Fliggy's "2023 Spring Festival Travel Weathervane" shows that the demand for medium and long-term travel continues to recover, and the proportion of inter-provincial travel orders has exceeded 80%.

  According to Li Ping, Xuanhe·Wushanju, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Xuanhe Hotel Management Co., Ltd., mostly comes from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, but there are also guests from Guangdong, Fujian and other places. They all look forward to living in Hangzhou with a unique experience. , A different Spring Festival.

  After three years of silence, hotel consumption revived this Spring Festival.

But can the hotel industry go back to the way it was?

The answer of Wang Jianping, president of Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association, is no.

He said that the change in consumption at this stage will change the market in an all-round way.

  Where is the change in the hotel industry?

In his opinion, it lies in the business environment, consumer market and consumption capacity.

  In the past three years, consumers' consumption concepts and consumption methods have been iterated, and the market has become more refined. It can be clearly felt that the products launched by many hotels that opened before the epidemic do not match the consumer market very well.

  He said that the original simple sightseeing tours have gradually been upgraded to parent-child tours, couple tours, self-driving tours, community tours, and quality tours.

Tourists experience the intangible cultural heritage project in Xuanhe Wushanju Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Xuanhe Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

  The reporter also observed that in the market, hotels that focus on healthy lifestyles, e-sports hotels, audio-visual hotels, script-killing hotels, and various themed hotels that integrate into local culture emerge in endlessly.

  Zheng Zhaoyan, director of the teaching and research section of the School of Hotel Management of Zhejiang Tourism Vocational College, said that the concept of "hotel +" is essentially based on market segmentation and the rise of the younger generation of consumer groups.

  For example, with the rise of the national tide, intangible cultural heritage culture has attracted more and more young fans.

Xuanhe Wushanju is a hotel that focuses on intangible cultural heritage features. It takes "Southern Song Dynasty Charm" as its cultural theme and incorporates the characteristic elements of "Four Seasons Intangible Cultural Heritage".

  Tea ordering in spring, elegant fans in summer, paper umbrellas in autumn, paper-cutting in winter snow, here, there are considerable and experienceable intangible cultural heritage items in every season.

This Spring Festival, the hotel cooperates with intangible cultural heritage inheritors to carry out activities such as paper cutting and tea ordering.

  Hangzhou Xinxin Hotel has a history of 100 years. Cai Yuanpei, a famous scholar, Xu Zhimo, a writer, Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng once stayed here.

There are retro modern, nostalgic and classic Shanghai-style rooms, as well as old-fashioned Hangzhou flavor.

This Spring Festival, the hotel will also carry out the nostalgic style to the end, allowing guests to experience making candied haws and Hangzhou Youdundun.

  Some netizens said, "The meeting of history and Xinxin Hotel makes people feel a sense of integration." "Xinxin Hotel has indeed done its homework to think about what tourists want."

  Regarding the booming hotel industry during the Spring Festival, Zheng Zhaoyan believes that it is still necessary to keep calm.

She said that it remains to be seen whether the current popularity of some popular destinations is the result of suppressed tourism demand or a long-term benefit.

After the recovery of cultural tourism, the environment facing the hotel industry will become more complex. It is still necessary to improve the ability to resist risks, do some product innovation, and do a good job of internal strength.

  In the reporter's opinion, what the hotel industry needs now is not a simple restart, but a reshaping.

In the future, people will choose a way of life that pleases them more and more.

What the hotel industry has to do is to transform the original place of eating and living into a space for people to experience life.