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Lead] The government's all-round pressure for labor reform has led the labor community to respond with a general strike, claiming that the government has declared war.

The labor world declared a struggle against the government leading to a May Day general uprising and a general strike in July.

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the simultaneous seizure and search of the KCTU construction union, the construction union announced a struggle, saying it was illegal oppression.

[Song Chan-heup/Construction Labor Union Vice Chairman: War has been declared.

The unavoidable reality, we will overcome this political difficulty through struggle while having fun.]

After completing the sunset of the safe fare system, which triggered the general strike of the cargo unions last year, the government is pushing ahead with labor reform again this year.

Starting with the President's declaration of 'anti-corruption', the Ministry of Employment and Labor pursued a policy demanding transparency in union accounting, and the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport took issue with illegal activities at construction sites.

At the same time, the FTC accused the prosecution of saying that the cargo union cannot be seen as a union and judged it as a business operator, and at the same time, a plan to replace the safe fare system with a standard fare system, which the cargo union opposes, was revealed.

On top of that, when the headquarters of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions was seized and searched on charges of espionage, the labor world decided to confront it with a general strike.

[Yang Kyung-soo/Chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions: It is a color offensive to block the mouth of the Confederation of Trade Unions who do not stop bitter.

Around the time of May 1 Labor Day, we will proceed with a vigorous struggle and a general uprising.

We will fight against the Yoon Seok-yeol regime with a general strike struggle in July.]

The Federation of Korean Trade Unions, whose three affiliated branches were seized and searched, is also planning to decide the method of struggle through a delegate meeting next month.

As the labor-government conflict escalates to rivers, it seems that it will become more difficult to find a point of contact over various issues such as labor reform.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, Lee Sang-hak, Video editing: Won-hee Won, Screen provided: KCTU YouTube)