We informed yesterday (18th) that an internet shopping mall with more than 1 million members is in danger of being suspended.

Today, the representative of the company called the vendors and explained the situation, and there are over 600 vendors who have not received payment for the goods.

Reporter Jeong Yeon reports.


A briefing session held by 'Bogoplay', an internet shopping mall company.

Shoppers who have not been able to settle their purchases and consumers who have been blocked from using the points have flocked.

The company's cumulative debt amounted to 52.6 billion won.

The amount of goods that 615 vendors did not receive was 33.6 billion won.

There are 77 companies with more than 100 million won in damage and three cases with more than 1 billion won.

[Bogo Play-entry company briefing session: Have you ever made an operating profit at least once every month?

(No.) Why are you overdoing your business and hurting us...


Bogoplay, which has been selling ultra-low-price discounts through online shopping broadcasts, has suffered a deteriorating business situation since October of last year as costs have increased significantly and sales have plummeted.

[Representative of Bogoplay: Sales have fallen, so I think the problem was the complacent response to increase sales and make sure there are no problems.] We announced that we

would normalize the business by attracting external investment, but the response from the companies was cold.

[Responsible for entering the store: The only feeling that came to mind was, 'Don't foreclose, so the company can live'.

It seems difficult to revive.

I came with a heart of almost giving up.]

Only small business owners and consumers were harmed by the business model of turning around, which was not guaranteed to be profitable.

Consumer reserves that have been blocked from use also reach 1.2 billion won, and there is currently no sharp way to compensate for damages.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Video editing: Choi Hye-ran)