Israel: a justice reform linked to the judicial situation of Binyamin Netanyahu

"Estamos en medio de las negotiaciones y hemos progresado mucho, pero viendo el ritmo de las cosas, se necesitarán all los días adicionales previstos por la ley para to form a gobierno", expresó Benjamin Netanyahu.


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Since the beginning of the year in Israel, every Saturday, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the reform of the judicial system.

The new government, the most right-wing in the country's history, plans to acquire full powers and put justice under supervision.

This reform comes as the Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, is indicted in three criminal cases.

His justice minister now publicly acknowledges that there is a link between Netanyahu's trial and reform.


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From our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Sami Boukhelifa

Even more need to pretend.

Yariv Levin, Minister of Justice, plays cards on the table: “

With the triple indictment of Binyamin Netanyahu

”, he says, “

Israelis realized that problems had to be solved


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Understand: this reform aims to save Benyamin Netanyahu from his trouble with the law.

All this in the name of democracy.

Because yes, explains Yariv Levin, “

by voting for us, the people gave us the mandate to represent them


In detail, the reform of the judicial system, desired by the new government, will allow it not only to appoint magistrates, but also to acquire a right of veto against their decisions.

The balance between the legislative, executive and judicial powers is over: politics becomes all-powerful.

He has control over everything.

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Anger of the Israeli opposition: “

You are destroying democracy, because Netanyahu wants to appoint the judges who will decide his fate.


Until then, the Prime Minister's party had rejected any link between the justice reform and the trial of its leader, charged in particular with corruption.


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