The President of the Government,

Pedro Sánchez

, adapts his economic speech at the World Economic Forum to try to attract investors.

In an interview with the US channel CNBC in Davos before starting an intense schedule of meetings with investors from all over the world, the socialist leader has called for, among other aspects, "reducing bureaucracy" as many multinationals are demanding. They complain that it is easier to settle in the United States.

He also urges the EU to learn from the world's leading economic power for its agility in facilitating the development of industries and businesses.

"We have to learn [from the US] and reform some internal aspects of our industrial policies, such as state aid

, reduce bureaucracy and try to send a message to the industry around the world that Europe, and of course Spain, is a good place to settle

", declared the president in the Swiss town.

Twice he has repeated the need to "reduce bureaucracy" which is not a concept that is frequent in his interventions in Spain.

The socialist leader has distanced himself from other European leaders who criticize

Joe Biden

's gigantic subsidy package as an "aggressive" way of taking European industry to his country.

On the one hand, Sánchez has described as "good news" that the White House is committed to the fight against climate change and stimulates the production of renewable energy with the so-called Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and has advised

"dialogue and agreement "with the US

instead of a trade war.

In his opinion, the war in Ukraine has shown that the allies on both sides of the Atlantic must show unity "not only in the field of defense, but also in the economic field."

Sánchez has assured before the questions of the chain, that the electoral year will not stop necessary reforms in Spain and has stressed the high growth of more than 5% registered in the economy in 2022 and the lower inflation data in the EU, ignoring that It is the last European country to recover the level of Gross Domestic Product prior to the pandemic.

He has stressed the big difference with the previous financial crisis that is having European funds.

The President of the Government has reaffirmed his "support for President Zelenski" and has even answered "of course" when asked if the support will continue regardless of the economic cost of the war.

"What is at stake is territorial integrity and international order," Sánchez stressed.

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