[Explanation] The Spring Festival is approaching, and after the optimization of the epidemic prevention policy, many people choose to return home or travel for the New Year.

Due to the long distance and inconvenience of carrying, many people send their pets to foster care.

On January 15, the reporter visited several pet shops in Shanghai and found that the foster care service during the Spring Festival has rapidly increased, and the price of foster care has also generally risen. The daily price of some "luxury rooms" can reach thousands of yuan.

  Luo Ping, the foster care director of a pet store on Jiangning Road in Jing'an District, told reporters that although the cost of foster care during the Spring Festival is about 50% higher than usual, the rooms are basically fully booked.

The 580 yuan "VIP room" launched in the store has been booked out as early as a month ago, and the guests will be fostered from the 17th to the 26th.

  [Same period] Luo Ping, foster supervisor of a pet shop on Jiangning Road

  The VIP room was booked out about a month ago.

Because many families now treat their pets as if they were children.

  [Explanation] Spacious space, 24-hour camera, suitable temperature, regular cleaning, brand cat climbing frame... Luo Ping said that the 580 yuan guest room not only has better hardware facilities, but also provides more considerate services, such as longer stay Play with me and so on.

  [Live on site] The usual price of this room is 888 (yuan) per day, and the price is doubled during Chinese New Year.

  [Explanation] Ou Xiaorui, the manager of a pet shop located on Jialin Road, Pudong New Area, said that the most expensive room in his branch in the urban area is 888 yuan.

However, the Spring Festival foster care price for ordinary rooms is generally between 100 and 300 yuan.

Since the "New Ten Rules", orders for foster care appointments have skyrocketed, and more than a dozen telephone consultation appointments are made every day.

He has a friend who runs a pet boarding hotel. During the Spring Festival last year, the occupancy rate was only half, and it is almost full this year.

  [Concurrent] Ou Xiaorui, manager of a pet shop on Jialin Road

  The foster hotel has 400 square meters (meters), and there should be 150 rooms. I communicated with him the day before yesterday and already booked more than 130 rooms. In fact, maybe only half of them were booked out for the Chinese New Year last year.

  [Explanation] The high price comes from high cost.

Ou Xiaorui said that the main reason for the price increase during the Spring Festival is "labor costs".

Moreover, fostering cats and dogs is no different than storing items. There are many requirements in terms of diet and life. In addition to the most basic tasks of walking the dog, accompanying the cat, feeding, shoveling, etc., it also includes feeding medicine, wiping eyes, shooting short video feedback to customers, etc. Serve.

He will write down and print out the pet owner's requirements, and post them in each room for easy care.

  [Concurrent] Ou Xiaorui, manager of a pet shop on Jialin Road

  For example, some dogs may eat 30 grams per meal, how many grams will be eaten in that day, some guests may be fed fish oil and milk powder, and some may even be fed medicine. tears.

  [Explanation] "Not all cats and dogs can be fostered." Ou Xiaorui said frankly that when a pet is delivered, he must fully communicate with the customer. He will not accept it if he has not received all three shots, vaccination books and deworming records. "One It is the pet's own health, and the other is to prevent cross-infection."

  Ms. Zhang, a clerk in a pet shop on Lujiabang Road, Huangpu District, also mentioned that some pets are prone to stress reactions such as nervousness and not eating after changing the environment. They will ask the owner to bring some household items to prevent pets from stress.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Zhang, a clerk at a pet shop on Lujiabang Road

  We will ask him to bring his own bowl, as well as some of its mattresses, and (bowls with) water (bowls) with them, and we will give him a space like home.

  Reporter Xu Mingrui reports from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]