, January 16. According to news from the website of the Ministry of Finance on the 16th, the Ministry of Finance recently issued the "Notice on Further Improving Funds for the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Epidemic and Effectively Strengthening the Management of Prevention and Control Funds."

  The notice made it clear that in accordance with the overall requirements of "protecting health and preventing severe illness", we should increase the investment in epidemic prevention and control funds, focusing on subsidizing patient treatment expenses, temporary work subsidies for medical personnel, vaccinations and vaccinations, and improving medical treatment capabilities. expenditure.

Further strengthen investment in the construction of medical resources, focus on strengthening the construction of critical and infectious disease medical resources in county-level hospitals, and do a good job in the horizontal coordination and expansion of resources such as emergency first aid and severe diseases in rural areas.

Support local governments to use general government bonds and issue government special bonds for qualified medical and health projects, make adequate preparations for medical treatment, especially severe treatment, and strive to ensure the needs of the masses to see a doctor and protect people's lives and health to the greatest extent. healthy.

The central government subsidizes the treatment of patients, temporary work subsidies for medical personnel, vaccines and vaccinations in various regions in accordance with relevant state regulations.

When arranging relevant financial subsidy funds, overall consideration shall be given to local governments to undertake expenditures such as improving the ability to treat severe cases.

Provincial and municipal financial departments should fully consider the needs of grassroots, especially rural areas, for epidemic prevention and control expenditures, and increase transfer payments for epidemic prevention and control in financially difficult counties and districts. 

  The notice requires that financial departments at all levels should strengthen overall planning, further optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, raise funds through multiple channels, vigorously revitalize fiscal stock funds, organize and regulate fund allocation in an orderly and standardized manner, and concentrate efforts to ensure necessary expenditures for epidemic prevention and control.

Adapt to the current emergency needs, improve the efficiency of the use of central and local fiscal funds, optimize the appropriation process of fiscal funds, establish and improve the "green channel" for government procurement of urgently needed resources such as epidemic prevention materials and medical treatment materials, and must not affect epidemic prevention and control because of funding issues.

Based on the principle of urgency and special handling, the specified hospital subsidy funds must be allocated within a time limit, and those in arrears must be allocated as soon as possible to help the hospital resolve difficulties and ensure normal operation; assets that need to be allocated urgently should be simplified for allocation approval Programs, after performing the necessary internal procedures, quickly and efficiently configure and coordinate deployment and use.

  The notice pointed out that financial departments at all levels should strengthen communication and coordination with relevant business authorities, establish a working mechanism, respond to the concerns of all parties in a timely and effective manner, and implement policies such as patient treatment, temporary work subsidies for medical personnel, and vaccination to ensure that relevant policies are orderly. Convergence, smooth transition.

It is necessary to cooperate with medical security, health and other departments to further improve the settlement process of patient treatment expenses, accurately calculate the amount of medical insurance payment and financial subsidy, and ensure that the financial subsidy policy for patient treatment expenses is implemented in place.

It is necessary to cooperate with human resources, social security, health and other departments to strengthen the management of temporary work subsidy funds for medical personnel, refine the work plan, and ensure that policies and measures for caring for medical personnel are implemented.

For the temporary work subsidy funds for medical personnel identified through examination, the financial department at the same level shall allocate them in a timely manner on a monthly basis.

At the same time, continue to do a good job in the allocation of vaccine and vaccination subsidy funds borne by the medical insurance fund, further speed up the progress of fund allocation, and effectively guarantee the demand for vaccine funds. 

  The notice also clarified that financial departments at all levels should fully realize the great significance of vigorously supporting epidemic prevention and control, well managing and using prevention and control funds, effectively guarantee the sound and fast allocation of financial funds, safe and compliant use, and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control subsidy policy Really come down to it.

We must strictly enforce financial discipline, strengthen supervision before, during, and after the event, urge and guide relevant departments to standardize the financial management and accounting of epidemic prevention and control funds, and ensure that funds are earmarked for special purposes.

The local regulatory bureaus of the Ministry of Finance should do a good job in tracking and inquiring about the effectiveness of funds, and conduct spot checks when necessary.

For misappropriation, interception and embezzlement, false claims, and distribution in violation of regulations, the relevant personnel shall be seriously investigated for responsibility in accordance with discipline and law.

(China New Finance and Economics)