China News Agency, Wuhan, January 13 (Reporter Liang Ting) Hubei's GDP is expected to grow by about 4.7% in 2022, the fastest growth rate among provinces with an economy of over 5 trillion yuan.

  The first session of the 14th Hubei Provincial People's Congress opened in Wuhan on the 13th, and Hubei Governor Wang Zhonglin disclosed the above data in his government work report.

  In 2022, Hubei will promote the deep integration of the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and accelerate the conversion of kinetic energy.

The output value of "optical core screen terminal network" exceeded 700 billion yuan (RMB, the same below).

The province's 5 trillion-level pillar industries, 10 500-billion-level advantageous industries, and 20 100-billion-level characteristic industry clusters have accelerated their rise.

  Wang Zhonglin summarized the development achievements of Hubei in the past five years.

He said that in the past five years, Hubei has withstood the pain of transformation, ran out of the acceleration of kinetic energy conversion, and created new advantages in innovation and development.

  Breakthroughs have been made in transformation and development, and a number of major achievements have emerged in the province, such as the world's first professional luminous remote sensing satellite "Luojia-1" and the world's first human immunoglobulin for the new coronavirus.

In addition, the domestically-made aircraft carrier and the Chinese space station all embody the wisdom of Hubei.

  In terms of the modern industrial system, the construction of four major national industrial bases such as memory and commercial aerospace has been accelerated, and the development of four national strategic emerging industrial clusters such as integrated circuits and biomedicine has been accelerated.

In the past five years, the added value of high-tech industries in Hubei has exceeded one trillion yuan, and the average annual growth rate of energy consumption of 3.1% has supported an average annual economic growth of 5.3%.

  According to the report, in 2023, Hubei will make breakthroughs in the development of five advantageous industries, including optoelectronic information, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, life and health, high-end equipment, and Beidou, and advance the layout of future industries such as quantum information, brain-inspired science, and metaverse.

At the same time, implement the digital economy leap project, and accelerate the creation of a number of characteristic digital industry clusters such as artificial intelligence, supercomputing services, and aerospace information.