Recently, local officials have successively announced the economic report cards for 2022.

  On the morning of January 7, the Second Session of the Seventeenth National People's Congress of Suzhou was held.

This year's Suzhou Municipal Government Work Report shows that the GDP of Suzhou is expected to reach 2.4 trillion yuan in 2022, and the economic growth target for this year is proposed to be around 5%.

  As the "best prefecture-level city", Suzhou's GDP will exceed 2.27 trillion yuan in 2021, ranking sixth in the country.

In 2021, Suzhou's total social R&D investment will reach 88.87 billion yuan, about 700 million yuan more than Guangzhou, and rise to the fourth place in the country. The number of high-tech enterprises is only 270 fewer than Guangzhou, ranking fifth.

In 2022, Suzhou will continue to accelerate its transformation and upgrading, and R&D investment and high-tech enterprises will continue to maintain rapid growth.

  According to the work report of the Suzhou Municipal Government, in 2022, the investment in research and development of the whole society will account for nearly 4% of the regional GDP; the number of newly recognized high-tech enterprises in Suzhou will reach 5,531, the total number will reach 13,400, and the number of high-level talents will reach 340,000.

In addition, Suzhou added 29 domestic and foreign listed companies, bringing the total to 241.

  Ding Changfa, associate professor of the Department of Economics at Xiamen University, analyzed China Business News that Suzhou has been at the forefront of prefecture-level cities in economic transformation and upgrading in recent years, attracting many colleges and universities to settle down, and speeding up scientific innovation to make up for shortcomings.

At the same time, Suzhou's manufacturing industry is very developed, including biopharmaceuticals, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and other manufacturing industries. In the process of upgrading the manufacturing industry, the scale of R&D investment is very large.

  Outside of Suzhou, on January 3, Chengdu held a press conference on "Interpreting the Spirit of the Second Plenary Session of the 14th Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee" to announce that Chengdu's economic aggregate has entered the "Two Trillion Club".

  The data shows that Chengdu's GDP in 2021 will be 1,991.70 billion yuan, not far from the 2 trillion mark, and it is logical to break through the 2 trillion mark in 2022.

So far, there are now 7 cities with a GDP exceeding 2 trillion yuan, namely Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Suzhou and Chengdu.

  Wuhan, the first city in central China, is also moving towards the 2 trillion mark.

This year's Wuhan Municipal Government Work Report shows that in 2022, Wuhan's GDP is expected to grow by about 4.5%, reaching a total of about 1.9 trillion yuan.

Data show that in 2022, Wuhan will have a net increase of 3,000 high-tech enterprises; the growth rate of fixed asset investment will be 11%, leading 15 sub-provincial cities in the country.

  The Third Session of the Sixteenth National People's Congress of Ningbo, which opened on January 6, revealed that the city is expected to achieve a GDP of 1.56 trillion yuan in 2022.

This year's Hefei Municipal Government Work Report shows that the GDP of Hefei is expected to grow by about 3.6% in 2022, breaking through 1.2 trillion yuan.

  Looking forward to 2023, various regions have also set their economic growth targets for the new year.

For example, Fuzhou proposed that in 2023, the main expected goals of Fuzhou's economic and social development are: the regional GDP will increase by about 6.5%, the industrial added value above the designated size will increase by 6.8%, and the local general public budget revenue will increase by 5.5%.

  According to the work report of the Hefei Municipal Government, the main goals of Hefei's economic and social development this year are: GDP growth of more than 6.5%; industrial added value above the designated size growth of more than 8%; fixed asset investment growth of about 10%.

Wuhan City proposes that in 2023, the GDP of Wuhan will increase by more than 6.5%, and more than 220,000 new urban jobs will be created.

The main expected goal of Suzhou's economic and social development in 2023 is to increase the regional GDP by about 5%.

Guangzhou proposes that the GDP of Guangzhou will increase by more than 6% in 2023.

  Overall, the 2023 economic growth targets mentioned by many trillion-dollar GDP cities are between 5% and 7%, which is significantly higher than the actual growth rate in 2022.

  Peng Peng, executive director of the Guangdong Provincial Restructuring Research Association, analyzed China Business News that the economic growth rate in 2022 will be low and the base is low. Therefore, after the optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures, the economic growth rate of all regions in 2023 will definitely be significantly higher than 2022.

  On the other hand, in 2023, expanding domestic demand and stabilizing growth will become the focus of all regions.

Peng Peng said that among the current troika driving economic growth, domestic demand still has a relatively large potential to be tapped.

In 2023, it is very important to expand domestic demand and increase effective investment in public facilities.

  In this year's Guangzhou Municipal Government Work Report, "Insist on expanding demand, smooth circulation, and go all out to stabilize economic growth" is a separate chapter.

In order to stabilize economic growth, this year, Guangzhou proposed to release the potential of effective investment, and specifically mentioned that the total annual investment should exceed 1 trillion yuan.

  According to the work report of the Wuhan Municipal Government, in 2023, Wuhan will focus on expanding domestic demand, continue to enhance the endogenous driving force for steady growth, insist on coordinated efforts at both ends of supply and demand, and create effective demand with high-quality supply to boost effective demand and stabilize economic growth.

  Hefei City proposed that in the new year, Hefei City will make every effort to expand effective investment.

Implement key projects worth more than 200 billion yuan, realize an investment of 450 billion yuan, and plan to reserve a number of major projects in the fields of "two new and one heavy", urban renewal, and comprehensive transportation.