• Unemployment would be at 3.4 million people, levels of July 2021, with discontinuous permanent workers who do not work


increased in Spain by

12,640 workers in the last month of 2022


which means that it was

the worst December since 2012,

when 88,367 jobs were lost in the country.


to Social Security affiliation

data published this Tuesday, in the last ten years there has never been such a slight job creation as that registered in 2022,

not even in the year of the pandemic.

December is a traditionally positive month for the labor market, but this year job creation has lost steam in an environment of


, uncertainty and

changes in the seasonality of hiring

after the

labor reform.

In this sense, the

replacement of temporary contracts with indefinite or permanent discontinuous contracts

has caused people who previously went from being unemployed to being employed in months of upturn in activity -such as December due to the Christmas campaign-, now do not stop working be registered and only go from being without work to being active, which means that

fewer registrations are produced in the system.




grew by 72,553 people

in December;

in 2020, at 26,432,

and in previous years the average job creation for the months of December 2013 to 2019 included was 6,292 Social Security affiliates,

five times more

than that of the last month of 2022.

With this increase in the number of average affiliates, the

total number of workers registered

with Social Security stood at


employees at the end of last year, 2.38% more in the interannual rate.

The month of December has registered a positive balance because 22,579 jobs have been created in the service sector and 16,529 in agriculture, but 15,761 construction workers

and 10,706 in


have been lost


The behavior of the affiliation was negative in December, which is confirmed by observing the evolution of the

affiliation in seasonally adjusted terms

published by the Ministry in order to know how the labor market would fluctuate if every month were the same in terms of employment.

In December,

in seasonally adjusted terms, the country would have lost 8,347 jobs.

In annual volume,

471,360 jobs

have been created in 2022

, 2.4% more

than there were at the end of 2021. The evolution would have been worse if the last day of the year,

December 31, had not fallen on a Saturday

, since the destruction of employment that occurred that day will be included in the data for January.

Drop in unemployment lower than the historical

Together with the affiliation figures disclosed by the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security, the Ministry of Labor has published on Tuesday the

figures for registered unemployment

in the offices of the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), which includes the volume of those who They are looking for a new job.

According to these data,

the number of unemployed

in Spain

fell by 43,727 people in December

, almost half the drop that occurred last year (of 76,782 fewer unemployed) and slightly less than what occurred in the years prior to the pandemic. .

Between 2012 and 2020,

unemployment dropped on average in the months of December by around 65,000 people.

This data, moreover, is involved in controversy due to the fact that

the Ministry does not break down how many discontinuous permanent workers were in a situation of inactivity in December

and, therefore, without working and in some cases receiving the unemployment benefit.

These would have to join the unemployed to know what the experts call

the "effective unemployment" of the country.

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